Working on a computer on campus

June 22, 2020, by Ross Wilson

Coding as a Language Skill

In this episode of The Things That Made Us we discuss the ways that learning coding can be like learning a new language. We examine the development of Hypertext Markup Language (or, HTML). This formed the basic structure for the internet and remains a popular way to get into coding. Learning how to code can seem daunting and different, but it can be incredibly enriching. It’s a great interdisciplinary skill!

Just like any other language, coding can give you new ways of thinking. It can structure your ideas. It can help you see connections between different fields. Coding offers us a chance to imagine new ways of communicating. It can open up alternative practices. Think of coding as another language. With its own rules, logic and grammar. Like any language, it provides a different perspective on the world!

The Things That Made Us – Episode 12


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