August 9, 2019, by Michael Timmins

Summer in China

Can you understand business in China from a Liberal Arts perspective?
Sophia Gillet did:

Nǐ hǎo!

My name is Sophia and I was fortunate enough to be awarded a fellowship through Liberal Arts to attend a three week summer school at the University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus studying ‘Understanding Business in China’. It was a fantastic experience to be able to learn about business and culture in China as well as experience this fantastic country. Not only did I attend lectures but I was able to learn basic mandarin, attend Tai Chai classes and have a go at Chinese Paintings.

We finished the three week course by submitting three photographs and producing a poster, within a group, about a topic we studied during the three weeks and presented these at a closing ceremony on the final day. Both submissions were of a similar nature to the ways of assessing students on the Liberal Arts programme and similar to assignments given in the work place.
Further to study, there were three trips to local and influential cities on offer: Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. This was a fantastic opportunity to experience first-hand the culture within China and get a flavour of how business is run in China.

The teaching style and topics covered were of a similar nature to the Liberal Arts programme. Throughout the course we incorporated many subjects and disciplines when discussing business in China, to name a few: Geography, Economics, Religious Studies, Politics and History. Through studying various topics, for example ‘Economic Growth in China: Past Constraints Future Challenges’, we are able to tie different subjects and disciplines together and show how we are affected by other areas, for instance, how history affects current politics with regard to China’s economic growth. Lateral thinking is an important and a vital way of learning.

The way of teaching throughout the summer school was very similar to the teaching and way of learning encouraged from both Dr Ross Wilson and Dr Uditi Sen through the Liberal Arts programme. Interdisciplinary learning is vital for the future and a liberal arts education produces educationally well-rounded people ready for the work place. Being able add another element to my degree, the ‘Understanding Business in China’ summer school was an amazing opportunity and valuable.

Most importantly, it was interesting and a lot of fun.

Thank you Ross and Uditi for the wonderful opportunity!

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