July 5, 2024, by Ben Atkinson

Moodle 4.3 Upgrade – 17th July 2024

Moodle will be upgraded on Wednesday 17th July 3pm UK time (10pm China/Malaysia) for approximately 2 hours. This is for some minor changes – no big changes to look and feel or to functionality.

While there are no significant changes, the new version of Moodle (4.3) brings some key usability improvements and makes certain features of Moodle easier to access from within your module site. Below we have outlined some of the key features that will be introduced in this new version of Moodle.

In addition to new features on Moodle, we have listened to feedback from students and staff on the previous Moodle upgrade in December 2023 and introduced some minor style changes to address the demarcation of topics on Module sites.

Collapse all and Expand All Options in the Module Index

The new module index in your Moodle page can now be collapsed using the ‘Collapse All’ button at the top of the menu.

Screenshot showing the 'Expand/Collapse All' option in the module index on Moodle.

Return to where you were

When you go to a sub-page and hit the back button on your browser, Moodle now remembers where you were and takes you back to that spot on the page.

Smaller Icons

The size of the activity icons in Moodle 4.3 have been reduced, this will improve the look and feel of the site and help reduce the long scroll on some Moodle sites.

Labels have titles and appear on the menu

Labels now have the option of adding titles and will appear on the new left hand navigation menu. This will help with navigating around your Moodle site, with the option to click the title and be taken to that piece of content.

Screenshot showing the ability to add a label title to appear in the Module Index on Moodle.

Screenshot showing the label title in the Module Index on Moodle.

Screenshot showing the title also added in the content of the label.

Tiny MCE Editor on Moodle

The Tiny MCE Text Editor will be enabled in Moodle 4.3. This will introduce several new features including formatting and accessibility options within the text editor, new layout options for code, easy embed for Echo video and other tools. We will also be introducing accessible colours in the editor ahead of teaching commencing in September. Both the text editor and accessible colours are currently being tested across Moodle.

Clearer Topics

We have listened to your feedback and added some clearer definition of topics on your Moodle site so that it is easier to see where you are and where one topic ends and the next begins.

Screenshot showing clearer topic demarcation in Moodle 4.3.

Set Availability from the Item

You can now set the availability and visibility of your content from the menu on the item. Completion tracking is also more visible on Moodle 4.3.

Screenshot showing the new visibility options on content items in Moodle.

Screenshot showing the additional new visibility options on items in Moodle.

Card Options for Key Features

A new drop down menu provides options for access restrictions including show more/less and edit links for direct access to activity completion and restriction settings.

Screenshot showing the visible completion requirements on Moodle.

Screenshot showing the additional visible completion requirements on Moodle.

Screenshot showing the group availability options visible on Moodle.

The new version of Moodle also includes clearer visibility for group work. Group icons for teachers which displays on hover for activities allowing groups. Group mode gives teachers quick access to group mode settings.

Screenshot showing the ability to attach content to a group from the item menu on Moodle.

You can see all the changes and new features introduced in Moodle 4.3, in this hand out we have produced for the upgrade.

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