Ten top tips before making Moodle module visible

September 21, 2022, by Helen Whitehead

Top ten tips for staff before you make your module visible to students

There’s a lot to do at the start of session. So here are the top ten things to do with your Moodle module before the students get access:

  1. Can you see, in Moodle, the module you’re teaching? The 22-23 modules are all ready and waiting, visible to staff but possibly not yet to students. If you can’t see it or have a query about the semester or the category, let us know.
  2. Are all the convenors correct? Any editing teacher in a module can enrol a colleague – or ask your local admin staff in-school.
  3. Engage Echo 360 iconIf you are using videos they’ll likely be added to Engage (Echo 360) and there’ll be a link to Engage (Echo 360) on the Moodle page. If you’re new to Engage click on the Engage link in your module to connect. For further information see the Engage SharePoint
  4. Check your module against the Moodle Everywhere Policy, the University’s decreed minimum threshold for engagement with Moodle. Moodle is the primary repository for teaching materials, activities and resources, Microsoft Teams and Engage are also used.
  5. All staff have been asked to undertake “The Accessibility of Teaching and Learning Materials” online course, whether for the first time or as a refresher. Book at: Accessibility of Teaching & Learning Materials (Online Course). You can also check out our comprehensive accessibility resource
  6. There are a couple of new Moodle features now we’ve upgr​aded to Moodle 3.11: see the Moodle 3.11 upgrade features short video for further information.
  7. If you plan to use MS Teams, we suggest you put a link to your (Class-type) Team within the Moodle page along with the joining code for students.  You can also put a tab in your Team that takes users to Moodle.
  8. Year End and Archive blockMoodle modules from the year 21-22 will be set to archive status on the 9 October 2022. This makes them read-only for record-keeping purposes and they should not be edited. If you need to, extend the archive date before the 9 October. (Click on the ‘Archive date’ link within the ‘Year end and archive’ block.)
  9. Book in for any training that could make your life easier: Learning Technology Training Schedule for staff
  10. Know where you can get help quickly:
    1. Each faculty has their own dedicated Learning Technology Consultant and Officer get in touch via: learning-technologies@nottingham.ac.uk
    2. Call in to our our Digital Learning Drop-in. You can get help here anytime between 9am and 4.30pm each weekday. Specifically for Engineering staff there’s a drop-in at 1-3 pm weekdays at Engineering Learning Technology Virtual Drop-in
    3. Please do visit our blog for updates and news: Learning Technology – A University of Nottingham blog

And then of course:

  1. Once you’ve checked everything – go ahead and make your module visible to students: How can I make my module available to students?






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