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August 17, 2020, by Helen Whitehead

A Summer of Moodle #8: Peers assessing each other using Moodle Workshop

The Workshop activity is an unsung power feature available in Moodle. It is a peer assessment / peer review tool that enables students to review each other’s work. Editing Teachers can set up criteria that the students follow on how to provide feedback, for example comments or rubrics. Teachers can also provide a mark of their own.

Workshop is similar to Moodle Assignment in many ways and it is recommended that both staff and students are familiar with using Assignment before using Workshop.

By using Workshop students can assess the work of their peers, and can receive feedback from their peers on their own work.

In Workshop students can be graded in two ways:

  1. students can grade each other, and
  2. staff can look at the quality of feedback and give students a grade for that (so they get one grade for how good their work is, and another for how good they are at giving feedback).

You can also use this to help students to assess their own work in a self-assessment.

More information on Moodle Workshop and how to use it can be found in our new resource: Peer Assessment with Moodle Workshop

Moodle Workshop screenshot

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