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Get a global local education

One of the biggest innovations in international higher education in the past 15 years or so has been the growth in international branch campuses. That is not to suggest that branch campuses are new – on the contrary, there is quite a history of universities (mostly private) establishing a presence beyond their home countries. But …

It still makes sense to build an overseas campus

Students have always travelled in search of the best study opportunities and researchers have always collaborated across borders. But until fairly recently, higher education institutions have been stubbornly national – whether limited by the demands of domestic regulation or by protectionist approaches in potential destinations.With the exception of a small number of private sector initiatives …

The Nottingham Global Network

The growth in transnational higher education is well documented, with UK institutions playing a leading role in delivering degree programmes outside of their home market. International research collaborations have also seen significant expansion in recent years with more and more institutions looking to build strategic partnerships to enhance the quality of research and magnify its …

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International Campuses or International Students?

For those of us who have long been active in developing educational and research provision outside the UK, it is heartening to learn that David Willets is keen to address the barriers to greater engagement by UK universities in overseas ventures. Developments such as international campuses (a major focus of recent discussions in the UK …

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