March 27, 2020, by International students

International Student Ambassadors: Francesca from Italy

Francesca is an Italian student who is studying MA Social Work

Why did you choose the University of Nottingham?

When I decided to apply to the University of Nottingham, I was already working in the UK. I had previously studied abroad, and I knew that studying my masters in a foreign country would have been a great and enriching experience. I applied to a few universities across the UK with high ranking in my field of study, and I visited the cities when I was offered an interview.

I finally chose the University of Nottingham not only because of its reputation and beautiful campus, but also because the city of Nottingham is a lively and beautiful place.

What is your favourite thing about the University of Nottingham?

I believe that the best thing about studying at the University of Nottingham is that it is an international university and you can really get to know people from all over the world, as well as people from your own country. This is a great advantage because it allows you to keep in contact with your origins but also to explore new views, habits and ideas. I really like how different cultures share experiences, events and places together and I find it interesting to learn more about other countries I might visit in the future.

What do you do with your spare time, and what are your hobbies?

Since I came to study at the University of Nottingham I started do spend time doing some activities I used to do in the past. For example, as I love dancing, I started to take Latin-American dance classes and I joined a Pilates course at the gym. During my first year I also tried pole dance which was something I always wanted to try!

I also participate in many cultural events organised by university societies, and I also really enjoy live music nights in bars. There is plenty of these in the city of Nottingham!

What do you like about Nottingham as a city?

I love living in Nottingham! I think it is a very interesting place, there is always something to do and you can get to a place to another quite easily. In the past I lived in very big cities like Rome and Barcelona and I really appreciate when a city is not too overwhelming but there are exciting things to do as well. As it is a university city, there are a lot of music events, pub quizzes, dance nights and other cultural events. I love that there is always something going on also on week days. That helps me to take a little break from studying without waiting for the weekend. There is also the possibility to spend time in the nature, because Nottingham has beautiful parks that are perfect for walks!

What would be your top tips for a new international student starting at the University of Nottingham in their first year?

I think that as a first year student you should keep an open mind and try as many activities as you can! There are plenty of activities organised by the university and by societies, and they are an opportunity to expand your interests or trying something new that you always wanted to try. I would also suggest to try to get to know more people from different countries than from your own country. It can be so much more interesting and maybe you can learn a new language and culture.

Keep also in mind that your course will become more challenging as the time passes, so don’t take too many commitments. Time management is key!

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