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International Student Ambassadors: Jingjing from China

Why did you choose to study your specific course and what are your favourite aspects of the course so far?

I am studying MSc Information Systems and Operations Management. The reason why I chose this course is that it matches my undergraduate course. This course is designed to explore the decisions made to tackle management problems in a wide range of areas, with a focus on information systems. Basically, there are 4 modules for each semester and the class schedule is reasonable. Therefore I am able to do many things in my free time, such as take part in community activities, go to libraries, or go on a trip. My favourite aspect of the course so far is that it teaches us many useful skills. The tutor introduced us to a lot of practical software and I learnt how to use this software to solve and analyse real-life problems. I also like how the modules are quite interesting. I have a module focussed on operations management, in this module, the tutor organises three company trips for us to attend. These give us the opportunity to visit famous companies in the UK and experience the UK’s corporate culture. After the visit, we were asked to split into groups and write a report about those companies together. Teamwork gives us a chance to communicate together and share each other’s ideas. Overall, I believe my course is extremely helpful and enjoyable.

What attracted you to the UK?

The United Kingdom is a country with a great history and heritage. I suppose it is the best country for me to study because the UK is one of the world’s most popular destinations to study higher education, with a high number of international students enrolling each year. I hope after one year’s study, I will have experienced traditional English culture as well as be able to view things from different perspectives. At the same time, I also want to make friends with students from all over the world and enjoy my university life in the United Kingdom.

How have you adapted to the climate?

I have been in the UK for several months, from my perspective, the weather here is quite good. I come from Nanjing which is a city in China. In Nanjing, summer is very hot. The highest temperature in Nanjing can reach 35 degrees Celsius on average in summer. But when I arrived in Nottingham, I found that even in summer, the temperatures here hover around 20 degrees which is very cosy and comfortable. Since winter is coming now, it’s getting cold with a lot of rain, so I always take an umbrella with me when I go out. Overall I think I’m quite used to the weather in Nottingham and it’s really a beautiful and peaceful city.

What tips do you have for managing your money as a student in the UK?

As a student I think that, since our parents work hard and spend a lot of money to send us to study abroad, we should be grateful and avoid wasting money.

The most important thing is to keep our money safe. You should choose reputable and reliable banks to save your money. The second thing is to arrange money properly. In order to use my money in the correct way, I usually set a budget. Once I estimate my expected expenditure, it’s easy and clear for me to arrange what’s left. Also, you should find methods to reduce your unnecessary expenses such as download digital books from the school library database instead of buying physical books which is quite expensive. As long as you have the consciousness of saving money, you can spend your money more wisely.

How has your experience of finding accommodation – why did you choose to live where you live and what are the best aspects of it?

Currently, I live in the student accommodation called Manor Village, which I booked through the letting agency’s website. I chose Manor Village after comparisons with other available student accommodation. There are many reasons why I chose it; the first is its location, Manor Village is near Jubilee campus so I can walk to class every day, in addition to this, there are many shops and restaurants nearby and I can go to the city centre by bus which takes me only 15 minutes. Secondly, the rent is reasonable compared with other accommodation. Thirdly, the room is in good condition, every kitchen has all the basic facilities such as oven, heater, fridge, and so on. There is a laundry room just near the reception which is very convenient. And finally, the staff in the reception are passionate and responsible, they helped me a lot when I had problems. Overall I think my apartment is great.

What are your tips for making friends and adapting to cultural differences?

There are lots of international students in my class and they are very nice. I believe the best way to make friends with students from different countries is to be proactive, don’t wait for other people to talk to you, try to make an effort to talk to them. Just be honest and show respect, no one will reject you. Culture differences are common, I am not religious but when another international student and her friends invited me to go to church with her, I gladly accepted and I spent a wonderful day with them in the church. On that day I felt the strength of belief from them and they told me a lot about the Bible. I think this experience is precious and unforgettable.

If you have any questions about studying at the University of Nottingham as an international student, you can get in touch with our International Ambassadors via email.

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