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International Student Ambassadors: Shrivats from India

Describe your experience of the University of Nottingham in terms of safety

As a Masters student at this university I believe it’s pretty safe all around. We need our student IDs to enter and exit not only the building but also many rooms inside of the buildings such as the labs. The library has taken security measures such as these as well. I believe it plays an important role in keeping the university safe.

What tips do you have for managing your money as a student in the UK?

As a student I’ve managed my money well by simple budgeting and keeping expense sheets. I try to be realistic and not extreme in terms of budgeting so I stay within my budget instead of exceeding them every week. I have a budget for the week, month, and term. And the end of the month I calculate averages and try to stay under the given amount. This has worked well for me so far and I plan on continuing to do it.

What was your experience of arriving in the UK/in Nottingham?

As a resident of India, living in the UK was new however I have been to the UK many times. Nottingham was a first for me but I fit in just as easily. It was a very smooth experience as I was able to find everything I needed. The people here are really friendly and helpful. Everything is done in accordance with the rules and on time. If not being time on time is your forte, trust me, a year in the UK will make sure you are always on time for the rest of your life.

What attracted you to the UK?

The main attraction for me was my past experiences in the UK. I’ve found it very comfortable and therefore made it easier for me to decide to go to university in the UK instead of another country. Another reason is the ease of access to plenty of resources. The UK has a rich culture and heritage which are several centuries old and it is one of the few countries which still maintains it, this is something which is represented in every aspect of the country, even the universities. Every place has a deep culture and history associated with it and this is something which I wanted to learn.

Tell us about your experiences of food in Nottingham. Have you been able to find food from your home country/region?

I enjoy cooking so I find it easy to make meals with what is in front of me, there are many huge grocery shops here which makes it easy for me to find the ingredients that I want and need. And even if I can’t find a particular item there, it’ll always be available online. As per the finding food from your region, there are Indian shops here as well, there has not been a point in the year where I couldn’t find a certain food I wanted.

Why did you choose to study your specific course and what are your favourite aspects of the course so far?

Currently I am studying MSc Business and Management. Back home I have a family business, which I will be looking after down the line. This course will help me manage my business efficiently and allow me to explore options to grow faster.

My favourite aspect of the course is that I am studying across a diverse range of subjects in my current semester, such as Managing People, and Economics and Corporate Financial Strategy each of which is deeply connected to each other and is important in a business. Next Semester, the course provides me with a variety of flexible modules to choose from, namely B2B Marketing, Venture Capital, Corporate Entrepreneurship etc. This in turn will help me to strategise for my path forward.

If you have used the Careers and Employability Service, describe your experience of this service

Yes, I did use the Career and Employability Service. This is something which I am incredibly proud of. The team’s main responsibility is to help a student answer the major questions like Post Graduate Career options, job applications, suggestions etc. The team consists of Mandy Weston who is mainly concerned with career advice, she has decades of professional experience and has valuable insight. Secondly, Ewan Henry is part of the team, he is a special adviser on your CV and Covering letter, he helps structure it properly which would eventually help you get through the initial stages of job applications. As a student, I strongly advise anyone to take help from them.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have!

Good luck.

If you have any questions about studying at the University of Nottingham as an international student, you can get in touch with our International Ambassadors via email.

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