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International Student Ambassadors: Jiaoyue from China

Hi everyone! I come from Jilin, China, and my name is Jiaoyue Su (or you can call me Joanne). Currently, I’m postgraduate student at Nottingham University Business School, majoring in MSc International Business. It’s my pleasure to become a student ambassador and in the following blog I will talk about my everyday life and offer you some advice.

Why did you choose to study your specific course and what are your favourite aspects of the course so far?

I chose the International Business course because I believe that this can provide me a broader understanding on the business world, which would be really helpful for my future career. Currently, I am studying international accounting, business economics, international business environment, and managing organisations. These lectures have given me a lot of brilliant business ideas as well as an overall understanding of corporations and international trade. Also I can get in touch with professors and teachers of different nationalities and become friends with them. It is always very exciting to understand different cultures and customs.

What has been your experience of making friends with people from other countries?

In every semester we have a lot of opportunities to make friends with people from other countries through presentations, group work, and everyday discussions. In one group task, I made friends with an Indian student, at first I felt quite nervous talking to him because I was afraid that he could not understand what I was saying and that I would feel embarrassed. But after working with him a few times, I found that I felt more and more brave to speak. So we have exchanged a lot of brilliant ideas about our coursework, and I have also told him a lot of Chinese customs and he was impressed. My suggestion is that you should never feel nervous about your spoken English, and never be afraid of speaking it. Most of the people I have met here in Nottingham are friendly and listen to you patiently.

Tell us about your experiences of food in Nottingham. Have you been able to find food from your home country/region?

There are a lot of Chinese restaurants in Beeston and Nottingham city centre. My favourite one is called “Shanghai Shanghai” in the city centre, and you can easily find it on Google Maps. Near Shanghai Shanghai, there is a Chinese-style milk tea house named “Lily’s”, and my friends and I really love it. I think most girls will feel at home after drinking there.

The canteens at the University are also very nice. The one I visit most is The Atrium on Jubilee campus. It is very close to our teaching building “The Exchange”, and is next to the Business Library. So I usually eat lunch and dinner there after class.

It has a large eating area, and the food there is very delicious and I don’t feel unaccustomed to it. Instead, I like it very much and can’t wait to go there when I am in lectures.

How has your experience of finding accommodation – why did you choose to live where you live and what are the best aspects of it?

To choose your accommodation you have to book early. Currently I’m living in Nottingham Two, which is only ten minutes’ walk from the Jubilee campus. There are video cameras everywhere, and the reception is open 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about your safety or emergencies. Every two weeks the staff come to clean your kitchen. Downstairs there is a big supermarket “Lidl”, a Domino’s and a Subway, they’re open until 10pm. There is also a big Chinese supermarket within three minutes’ walk, which is really convenient for Chinese students living here. You can find almost everything you need for everyday cooking, and you can even buy ingredients for a Chinese hot-pot!

English language support

You may be worrying about your spoken and written English, but you shouldn’t. Every semester, you can pick three English classes to attend, which are completely free and very useful. They cover academic research methods, academic writing, achieving clarity, listening, pronunciation, and anything you may want.

I have attended three classes this semester, all of which are related to academic writing. I have learnt a lot about structures and academic language, and have already used these in my coursework. They are very practical, and please do not miss it.

Hallward Library and the Business Library

I have worked hard on my coursework recently in the two libraries. Hallward library is in Park campus, and has a broad area for group talk and silent study. I remember when I first visited Hallward library, I was impressed by its privacy and convenience. There is a couple of small rooms that you can close the door, use the computer for free, and, most importantly, won’t be disturbed.

I hope you will find this useful. Thank you very much for reading.

If you have any questions about studying at the University of Nottingham as an international student, you can get in touch with our International Ambassadors via email.

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