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International Student Ambassadors: Sidoni from Grenada

Why did you choose to study your specific course and what are your favourite aspects of the course so far? 

I worked as a Process Improvement Analyst at the Grenada Bottling Company Ltd. for 16 months. This job served to heighten my interest in food science and technology. Therefore, I began searching for a Masters degree course that encompassed these said areas. I was further attracted by this specific MSc because it included management modules.

Thus far, my favourite aspect of the course is the practical sessions. Indeed, most lecture sessions are followed by relevant practical activities. This makes understanding and remembering key concepts much easier.

How do you hope your course will impact on your future career?’

I intend to use the knowledge gained from this MSc course to develop the food processing industries in Grenada. Currently, many of our locally grown raw materials are being underutilised and wasted.

Therefore, after acquiring a few more years of relevant work experience, my aim is to be an entrepreneur by investing in the construction of a food and beverage company. Herein, scientific technologies will be utilised to enhance, standardise, preserve and package a wide range of Grenada’s produce.

What attracted you to the UK?

 I always desired to study in the United Kingdom. This intrigue was fuelled partly because I have many family members that live in London. Moreover, as a country renowned for its high quality of education, I knew it was the optimum place to pursue my tertiary studies. 

What was your experience of arriving in the UK/in Nottingham?

As one might expect, the initial settling in process was characterised by a whirlwind of emotions, namely excitement, immense anxiety, stress and fear of the unknown. However, by the end of the second week, I already knew that I made the perfect choice by choosing the University of Nottingham. Surely, the student services centre was very supportive of all my needs.

How do you manage your money as a student?

From a tender age, I displayed excellence at understanding and prioritising needs over wants. Essentially, this way of thinking is the basis for managing money as a student.  Additional tips include buying grocery items in bulk (bearing in mind the storage space at your flat) and where possible, waiting for sales to make bigger purchases.

What has been your experience of making friends with people from other countries?

Making friends is quite easy. As far as I am aware, I am the only Grenadian at this university.  Moreover, I came here not knowing anyone in Nottingham. The key was to quickly get involved in societies. This allowed me to meet and interact with persons who share similar interests as I do.  Because I am a fitness enthusiast, I have met many friends at the gym.  Also, I have been nurturing strong bonds with my flatmates and many of my course mates.

If you were awarded a scholarship, please give details of the scholarship and the impact it has had on your studies’

Yes, I was a recipient of the Developing Solutions Master Scholarship. This scholarship has helped greatly in decreasing the financial burden on my father and me. As such, I am eternally grateful.

If you have any questions about studying at the University of Nottingham as an international student, you can get in touch with our International Ambassadors via email.

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