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Applying for scholarships

By Trasias Mukama

Hi, my name is Trasias Mukama and I am a Commonwealth Shared Scholar from Uganda doing a Masters of Public Health. As the deadline for applications for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship draws closer, I thought this might help you in your preparations. Good luck!

Applying for a scholarship may seem a daunting task for everybody as they are usually very competitive. Securing admission into your preferred programme early enough and meeting conditions of your offer (if any) can be helpful. If you meet the admission requirements, obtaining an unconditional admission into The University of Nottingham is a simple, straightforward and fast process. While making the application, you need to submit all the necessary documents and this saves time as the University won’t have to request you to send any missing ones, a process that may delay your offer decision.

This year's MPH students, at the he Clinical Sciences Building, Nottingham City Hospital

This year’s Master of Public Health students, at the Clinical Sciences Building, Nottingham City Hospital

I believe that getting an unconditional offer on time gave me the courage and the determination I needed to make that ‘winning application’ for the scholarship. There will always be voices around you and within you telling you that scholarships are very competitive. Yes, they are competitive and attainable. Having an admission, meeting the eligibility criteria and submitting a winning application is what one needs to get the scholarship. Checking and being sure of the eligibility criteria from the start can save valuable time. Applications need time commitment and you wouldn’t want to waste time applying for a scholarship you’re not eligible for.

On making a winning application, it’s good that you spend enough time preparing your responses, reviewing them severally for any errors. It’s important to bear in mind that the responses and documents you submit are all that the evaluators have to make their decision on awarding you the scholarship. Therefore you should respond comprehensively, accurately and honestly to the questions while following the word limits. Having a colleague look at your responses can be useful.

Going through this application experience is worth it, both for being a member of the Commonwealth Scholars, on a successful ward, and for the life that awaits you at Nottingham. The University of Nottingham is a nice place to study with well stocked libraries, online learning resources, experienced and friendly lecturers and other staff, efficient transport between campuses and all other facilities that a student can possibly need to excel. Additionally, the University has a big international student community which makes ‘fitting in’ quite easy.

Being awarded a Commonwealth Shared Scholarship that enabled me to study a Masters of Public Health, here at The University of Nottingham with colleagues from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds is an experience that I am still challenged to describe. For now, let me say that it’s overwhelmingly amazing!

Commonwealth Scholars from Uganda at the Commonwealth Scholarship Commissions' Welcome Event for Scholars, held at The University of Nottingham in November 2015. Photo by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

Commonwealth Scholars from Uganda at the Commonwealth Scholarship Commissions’ Welcome Event for Scholars, held at The University of Nottingham in November 2015. Photo by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships are available for students from developing Commonwealth nations entering selected masters courses within our Faculty of Medicine and Health sciences. The application closing date for 2016 entry is 11 March 2016.

See our scholarships webpages for details of our full range of international and EU scholarships.

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