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What advice would you give to other international students about studying in the UK?

Moving to another country to study is a big step. Every year thousands of international and EU students make that same step successfully, and they have their own tips and advice to share on how to settle into UK life. We asked a group of our scholarship winners, what advice would you give to other international students?

Omari Barbados

Omari (right) at our scholarships celebration event

‘Plan ahead and take it one step at a time. The culture may be a bit different from your home country however Britons are very open to visiting international students. By the way, do not forget to pack warm clothes!’

Omari Blackman, Barbados

‘I would advise all other students to ‘just be yourself and follow your instinct’. People are very helpful here and so, you will definitely find your own way.’

Md. Saif Uddin Sikdar, Bangladesh

‘It is difficult to feel at home in a new place but The University of Nottingham makes it easy by welcoming its international students with warmth and comfort. Considering the large number of international students who come from various nations, it is really a “melting pot for cultures”. It is an exhilarating experience to interact with so many people and to learn more about their cultures. The only thing a person really needs is the enthusiasm to experience it all.’

Tajkia Musarrat, Bangladesh

‘Go out. Meet people. Enjoy it!’

Matthew Voigts, USA

‘I would recommend choosing their accommodation very carefully. I would also recommend they meet some classmates before they come, it will help greatly during their first weeks here. In general, I’ve had a very smooth transition from my life back at Turkey to living comfortably here at Nottingham.’

Sera Sirin Goktas, Turkey

Maenum at Jubilee Campus

Maenum at Jubilee Campus

‘The important thing in the university life is learning how to live and learn joyfully. Separating times between studying and relaxing are essential. Being enthusiastic and active are driving forces that push you to take action and pursue study goals.’

Maenum Chirdkiatisak, Thailand

‘Don’t be passive, be active, talk with people. Make a good network. Make sure you join with student associations so that you can develop your soft skills.’

Dandeniyage De Alwis, Sri Lanka

Lien Lien (left) at the scholarships celebration event

Lien Lien (left) at the scholarships celebration event

‘Whilst it is essential to allocate time to your studies, do not miss this once-in-a-life-time opportunity to immerse yourself in the university campus life that will light your life up with its diversified cultural, sports, and social activities. Be prepared to indulge yourself in the British way of life!’

Lien Lien Wong, Malaysia

‘If this is your first time around and don’t know anyone, dont’ worry. There are societies for everyone and even if you don’t want to join any you will still find yourself surrounded by friendly and welcoming people willing to give a helping hand.’

Eduard Vico Oton, Spain

En-Tzu at University Park Campus

En-Tzu at University Park Campus

‘I would advise any international students – do not complain about the differences from your own country and try everything new! The weather is moderate and there is good transport accessibility, so just seize any opportunities to explore the typical England lifestyle as well as obtain a wonderful studying experience here!’

Tien, En-Tzu, Taiwan

‘There is no need to worry about getting into a new environment. The University of Nottingham is a truly global university, you get to meet new and old students from many countries around the world. You learn new traditions, try new meals and learn new languages. The city of Nottingham has so many friendly inhabitants and the buses here are quite cheap for students. There is a beautiful city centre too and historic sites like the Nottingham Castle and the Statue of Robin Hood. There are also many international restaurants to try out.’

Chibueze Emmanuel Ogbonnaya, Nigeria

‘As far as I am concerned, the most important thing for international students during the course – not only just the first few days – is to never hesitate to mention any problems or difficulties with others. The University’s international office, student union, secretary, and student support are always there to help.’

Thien Duong Duc, Vietnam

Sona Slovakia

Sona (left) at the scholarships celebration event

‘I have only one piece of advice – don’t leave doing things for tomorrow if you can do them today!

Sona Mikulikova, Slovakia

‘I believe the best we can do for ourselves as students in a foreign country is to have an open mind, always willing to let go of ideas that no longer hold true and let in new ones.’

Ihuoma Kelechi Okorie, Nigeria

What advice would you give to other international students about studying in the UK? Share your answers on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #weareinternational.

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