August 15, 2014, by International students

Beyond Batman and Robin Hood: Nottingham places to suit every mood

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There’s more to Nottingham than Robin Hood and Batman, which are the topics which most frequently come up when people think of or talk about the city. Instead, I’m going to talk about specific places which are perfect for when you are feeling a particular way. What I’ve realised over the past several months is there are so many hidden spots in Nottingham to suit any mood.

1. If you want nightlife, enjoy a free Bonfire Night!

kuemju-bonfireBonfire Night is celebrated all over the UK on the 5th of November every year. You can enjoy Bonfire Night on the Forest Recreation Ground, which is only about 15 minutes away from Jubilee Campus. Bonfire Night is absolutely an eye-opening event, and you can experience a different type of ’night life’ in Nottingham that has nothing to do with ‘clubbing’.

2. If fun is needed, the answer is Goose Fair.

kuemju-goose-fairIf you are looking for new fun activities in Nottingham, or if you are sick and tired of hanging out in the city centre, you should go to Forest Recreation Ground during the first week of October. An annual traveling funfair which has been taking place in Nottingham for over 700 years, Goose Fair is waiting for you with a variety of rides and delicious food.

3. If you love adventure, City of Caves can be the answer.

kuemju-cavesCan you imagine there are hundreds of caves underneath your feet when you hang around in the city centre? City of Caves is located under Broadmarsh shopping centre. Once you wear a safety helmet, you feel like you are in an Indiana Jones movie. A 40 minutes adventurous tour in caves can be called an archaeological journey as well.

4. If you want to be active, the ice rink in Nottingham will help you.

kuemju-ice-rink“Have you been in the library for a week? It’s time to get moving!”

Right after my first exam, I got a message from my friend, with whom I shared a flat during the Welcome Programme, inviting me to go skating at the National Ice Centre. I went to the ice rink with my flatmates, and she was waiting for us with her classmates. It didn’t matter whether we could skate or not. When we were falling down, crawling on the ice, and bumping each other, it was the perfect way to release all stress from the exam.

5. If you need healing, the Arboretum is nearby for you.

kuemju-arboretumSometimes, we feel drained without any specific reason. I think that is a sign your body sent. You may need “healing” to replenish your mind and body with refreshed energy. Just lying down on the grass in Arboretum can make you feel revived.

People can build attachments not only to people but also to places. Personally, I have built a special attachment to Nottingham itself.

Kuemju Byeon, international student from South Korea studying MSc Work and Organisational Psychology at The University of Nottingham.

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