May 30, 2014, by International students

Escape into the city

After a whole week of gibberish (not the right term for workaholics), as the beloved heart and mind linger swarming with work load and assignments, all we want is to take a break. While many opt for weekends away to countryside or back home, the misfortune that lurks upon my poor fellow students (“I am broke this month!”), or even worse the international ones (“Hey, one can’t fly back home every weekend unless you are George Clooney’s special someone”) is beyond imagination. For them, weekend means one whole day spent doing groceries, a little coffee chat here and there with mates or peeking inside Debenhams (yes it’s called window shopping – the ultimate staple student pastime) or the usual clubbing (that’s so conventional!)

Well then for a change let’s go city-touring with a twist! If you are one of those creative craft freaks (I love ‘em) then visiting Hobbycraft will blow you away with their eclectic art and craft supplies. A 15 minute walk from the train station; the shop will definitely gauge out some pennies from your pockets but its worth two weekends of fun activity at home, or in a park or may be in the open meadows (wherever you want to be creative!). Even better, you can bag a student discount of 10% at the store.

Unleashing your artistic side can be another option if you are really looking forward to an eventful weekend. Simply step inside Pot ‘N’ Kettle in Beeston and engage yourself in creating vibrant personalized masterpieces with potteries and whatnot!

If this still doesn’t tame your heart, then rock climbing in the city centre is a must if you want to have some moments of adrenaline rush with your crazy friends. Nottingham Climbing Centre offers amazing climbing walls for you to bring out your inner ‘Tarzan’ for £7.50 as admission fee and couple of quid for climbing equipments like boots and harness. If you have a really free weekend, then may be you can fit all those together in your schedule and have an exhilarating time with your dear ones.

For the night, to soothe away all the hustle and bustle from the morning glory, drop a fortune at one of those posh restaurants which are still in your budget! Marrakesh ticks off all the requirements to tickle your taste buds with exotic Moroccan gourmet and to mesmerize you with some amazing live belly dancing! Still giving it a second thought? Go wild and have a fantastic city weekend.

Ahmed Hosne Zenan, international student from Bangladesh studying MSc Electrical Engineering at The University of Nottingham.

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