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What’s the best thing about living in Nottingham? Part two: the people

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We asked our EU and international students, what’s the best thing about living in Nottingham? Here is what they had to say about the people of Nottingham:

Friendly locals

Students and local people meeting for the first time at International Family Link

Students and hosts meeting for the first time at International Family Link

“Local people here are so friendly” said Nurnada. Many of our EU and international students are interested in getting to know people from the local community, so The University of Nottingham runs a scheme called International Family Link. The scheme matches international students up with ‘hosts’ from the local community, who offer them warm hospitality and help them learn more about British culture. This year was its biggest year ever, with 160 students spending time with some of the city’s friendliest citizens.

Find out more about International Family Link.

The chance to meet people from all over the world

Javi featured image

A group of students in Nottingham’s Market Square

Studying in Nottingham is a great way to learn more about British culture, but with students and staff coming from over 150 different countries it’s a fantastic way to learn more about other cultures too. Paulina said “It’s a great city filled with young people from different places. Meeting people from different backgrounds really helps to enrich your experience in the city.” Hun Shen said “Nottingham is full with cultural diversity and people from all around the world, and great opportunities to meet new faces.”

The vibrant student scene

With over 34,000 students studying at The University of Nottingham’s UK campus and a further 28,000 at nearby Nottingham Trent, many of our EU and international students say that their favourite thing about living in Nottingham is what Hasmukh called “the vibrant student life.” Margaux said “The whole city is turned towards students. Here we really have the feeling that it is a student city. There are a lot of nightclubs (with nights reserved for Uni of Nottingham, some others reserved for Trent Uni), bars, student events.” Myria agreed. “It’s a youth-centred city, with lots of places for students and young people, bars, clubs and the amazing Lace Market.” Rokas added that “The amount of students creates an amazing atmosphere”. Shaun said that his favourite things about living in Nottingham were “the environment, the atmosphere, the great public transport. Just the best student city.”

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*The Times Higher Education (THE) Student Experience Survey 2014.

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