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A day in the life of a geographer…Amber Martin

This week I’ve been working on an empirical chapter of my thesis all about the tensions between public and private space in sex shops and erotic boutiques. I’m looking at things such as how shops are legally required to have blanked out windows (see pic!) and also how the internal geographies of shops alters according …

A day in the life of a geographer…Amber Martin

Since my last post I’ve been pretty busy with ‘conference season’. A couple of weeks ago I attended the RGS-IBG annual conference in the beautiful city of Edinburgh where it rained a lot and I forgot to pack a water proof coat and ‘sensible’ footwear. Fashion dilemmas aside the conference was brilliant. I co-organised and …

A day in the life of a Geographer…Amber Martin

Well, sadly for me the delights of Manhattan and the AAG are but a distant dream. However, being back in the Sir Clive Granger Building here in Nottingham has its own delights. This week I’ve been working hard at cracking on with writing my thesis, which has involved trying to tie up any loose ends …

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A day in the life of a Geographer … Amber Martin

As a PhD student in the Geography department at the University of Nottingham, this week has been a rather unusual one as I’ve just returned from The Association of American Geographer’s (AAG) Conference in New York where I presented a paper. The AAG is a massive annual conference held in the states which attracts lots …

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