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Simplified Advice

I have been reflecting on the FSA’s Simplified Advice Guidance issued earlier in the Autumn. Remember that Simplified Advice has at various stages also been referred to as Primary Advice and Guided Sales. However, as the document makes clear on pg 4, Simplified Advice is not the same thing as Basic Advice, the latter being outside …

Simple Financial Products: Summary of Responses

HM Treasury recent published a summary of responses to the questions posed in its earlier consultation paper and has formed a steering group to take matters forward. I agree with the observation that the term “simple” is far from ideal and also that a strong brand must be developed. Some kind of kite mark or logo …

Financial Conduct Authority

  The part of the re-branded FSA that was going to be called the Consumer Protection and Markets Agency will now be known as the Financial Conduct Authority, to avoid misleading consumers. An enquiry into the FCA’s proposed objectives has recently closed. James Devlin (Professor of Financial Decision Making, Nottingham University Business School)

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