February 1, 2021, by Digital Research

Seal Failure Database

Seals for Aerospace Applications

Project Title: Improving Aero-engine Sealing Technologies by Increasing Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Intervals 

Seal Failure in Aerospace Applications – Creating a Global Open Source Database for Failed Seals Incident Repots 

Seals are important in aerospace applications because they restrict leakage of oil and prevent debris from entering systems. The failure of such components can be detrimental to the overall safety of the aircraft and it is essential to understand how, why, where and how often they fail in service. There are numerous reports where seal failure has led to aircraft incidents across the world. However, it is difficult to find these reports due to the varying reporting systems and databases for aviation/department of transport/aircraft accident and incident bulletin (AAIB) in each country.  

We propose an open-source database to collect reports that involve seal failure, accessible to all and allow for user interaction. Additionally, interested users can add reports to the dataset by filling a form online, allowing it to grow and add statistical power. 















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For more information, please contact: sarah.shabbir@nottingham.ac.uk


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