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Business moguls seek to build a Wanda-full future for sport in China

Written by David Cockayne. Wang Jianlin of Wanda Dalian. Jack Ma of Alibaba. Heard of them? Not many people outside of China have, but they are the modern-day moguls powering China’s entrepreneurial sprint towards economic supremacy. They are also largely responsible for the surge of interest in Chinese sport, at home and abroad. Until his …

Does China manipulate its currency as Donald Trump claims?

Written by Farok J. Contractor. After 20 years, the Chinese government must be used to being bashed by U.S. politicians and Congress for unfair trade practices or, as Trump has declared many times, being a “currency manipulator.” Indeed, the exchange value of the yuan (also know as the renminbi or RMB) is fixed each morning …

Is China Really That Irritable?

Written by J. Michael Cole. We, or at least international media, seem to have traveled back in time. The current president isn’t Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) but Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁). The 16 years that have elapsed since never existed. We are back to an e

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Radio Silence in the Taiwan Strait? Think Again

Written by J.Michael Cole. The Taiwan Affairs Office on Saturday confirmed that Beijing had suspended cross-strait communication mechanisms due to failure by the Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) administration to endorse the so-called 1992 consensus and “one

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China and the US: when worlds collide

Written by Mark Beeson. There is so much going on in the world these days it’s sometimes possible to focus on the ephemeral and the inconsequential rather than the long-term structural changes that are likely to shape the international system for decades. The US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, inaugurated in 2009 by Barack Obama and …

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The KMT responds to loss: Trauma management and mimetic distortion

Written by Stephane Corcuff. It could have been the first civic protest against Taiwan’s new government of Premier Lin Chuan and President Tsai Ying-wen. Or, like the Sunflower movement, an expression of the discontent of the civil society, expressed independently from the old political establishment. And it could also have been a surge of imagination …

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Asia’s rivalry heats up as Japan and China play host at separate global summits

Written by Hugo Dobson. Despite occasional reasons to be optimistic, relations between China and Japan have been consistently poor over recent years. This is in part fuelled by China’s rise to the position of second largest economy in the world – overtaking Japan in the process – as well as Japan’s lurch to the right …

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Ecological conservation in China

Written by Cheng Gong and Kārlis Rokpelnis. Tu Youyou’s deserved Nobel Prize award comes as a welcome recognition of the fact that lore accrued outside of the scientific method directly contributes to creation of scientific knowledge and industrial innovation. It also fits well into the nationalist narrative that a rising China embraces modernity supplemented by …

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Troubled waters: conflict in the South China Sea explained

Written by John Rennie Short. A United Nations arbitration court will soon rule over the sovereignty of islands in the South China Sea, a territorial dispute between China and the Philippines with global implications. In recent years, China has been asserting claims in the region and has built up atolls and islands to be large …

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China in Qatar

Written by Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat. The use of soft power has become an important element of China’s foreign policy. In its pivot to the Gulf ,China has used soft-power resources to strengthen its foothold in the region. Qatar is a good case in point. Educational partnership is perhaps the most apparent element of Chinese soft-power initiatives around …

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