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Marketing and Communications Officer, University of Nottingham

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Start-Ups and SMEs: What Are Employers Looking For?

By Tara Sallis, TalentPool, matching recent graduates with job and internship opportunities at start-ups, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) If you are hoping to find your dream job at a start-up or smaller business, it can be hard to know exactly what they are looking for. Here we run through three of the top …

International Work Experience: Reflections from Xi’An 

By John Lim Le Sheng, final year, BA Social Work John received funding through last year’s International Work Experience Grant. He travelled to China to work with the non-profit organisation, Agape Love, which provides for abandoned orphans and children with varying disabilities in China. This is his story. “Yang Ma Ma!” John* cries as he peers into …

Three Reasons I Was Nervous to Graduate (And Why I Didn’t Need to Be)

By Lorna Airey, BA Hons French Studies (2014) and Employability Officer at the University of Nottingham I remember approaching graduation with a mixture of excitement and dread. Excitement because I was celebrating four years of hard work with some of my closest friends. Dread because I could no longer ignore the question that people kept …

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Launching a Start-Up: What You Need to Know

By Michael Millar, BSc Economics (2008) It’s thrilling to be at the cutting edge of development and innovation, and we hear about so many start-up success stories that many feel it’s an exciting fast-track to success. The reality can be a little different. Around 90% of start-ups fail. Those that succeed do so because they …

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Application Stress Weighing You Down? Don’t Worry, You’re Not Alone

By Imogen Daldy, BA French and History, final year “That takes my grad scheme application count to 27 now” you hear the girl sat behind you announce to her friend. Your heart sinks further when she says, “Plus I’ve been invited to three interviews already!” Sound familiar? For a lot of final years, the pressure …

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Rejected After an Interview? How to Recover in Seven Steps

By Abigail Rowse, Employability Officer Have you been rejected recently after an interview for a job, placement, course or another opportunity? I know first-hand how disappointing and dejecting it can be. Read on for tips on how to move on in a positive and productive way. 1. It’s okay not to be okay Before you do anything else, …

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It’s Okay If You Don’t Know What You Want to Do

By Daniel Taylor; fifth year, MEng Mechanical Engineering Student Everyone always seems to have a plan. When it looks like the people around you have their lives planned out, the future can certainly appear daunting. It’s only now, in the fifth year of my degree, after a lot of help from the Careers team, that …

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Six Reasons to Get Involved in the Nottingham Tech Scene

By Kathryn Moss, Employability Officer in collaboration with Jessica White, software developer, UNiDAYS Did you know there is a massive tech scene on your doorstep?  According to the Tech Nation 2018 report, in 2017, there were over 11,607 jobs available in Nottingham in the digital tech sector with over 102 digital tech businesses launching in 2016 alone. This …

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12 Ways to Get Your Foot into the Radio Industry

By Nellie Khossousi, BSc Hons Economics (2018), now spending a year working as an English Language Assistant and learning French. Follow Nellie on Twitter and read about her experiences working as an English Language Assistant in France on her blog. I’ve recently graduated and I am thinking of a career in the media industry. I’ve tried various ways …

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A Day in the Life of a Technology Graduate

By Olivia Kaluna, BSc Management (2017) I’m Olivia and I’m a 2017 technology graduate at Dunelm. While no day is ever the same, here’s an insight into what I get up to… Around 8.45am I get to work. I usually end up having a chat in the car park about the baby alpacas I saw …

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