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April 24, 2020, by aeyaebr

Five Local Publishers You Can Submit Work To

By Annie Brown, MA Creative Writing student blogger

If you’re interested in a creative career, having relevant experience on your CV is vital. Nottingham is a City of Literature and therefore boasts many great publications accepting a variety of creative pieces.

Here are five local publishers you can send your work to:

The Tab

Writing for The Tab can be a great way for you to gain experience in the field of journalism. This publication has its own University of Nottingham branch and they do not require you to have any previous experience. Your work has the potential to be widely read, as their website boasts ‘30,000 hits a week and viewed by 20,000 students a month’. As a result, this can be a beneficial addition to your CV.

You can apply at any time. Submit a sample of your written work and a list of topics you wish to write about.

The Voices Anthology

You can showcase your poetry in the second edition of The Voices Anthology. Run by the Nottingham Poetry Exchange and supported by the School of English, it allows them to host regular meetings and performance evenings. Therefore, showing your engagement with fellow writers is a great way to highlight your enthusiasm and understanding on your CV.

You can submit to this issue until the end of April. They require a submission of up to three of your unpublished poems.

The University of Nottingham Creative Writing Society blog

Likewise, you can receive great feedback on your work by submitting to the Creative Writing Society blog. It is a student-run group you can participate in. They accept a wide variety of writing and will showcase your work on their blog. You have to pay a small fee for membership, yet this grants you access to all the great events run by them, including literary circles and weekly writing workshops. Participation in writing events will look great on your CV.

You can apply anytime via their website.

The Letters Page

The Letters Page is a great publication run by the School of English. All their submissions take the unique form of a handwritten letter, which gives you great experience of writing in a specific genre. Also, it will be a great boost to your CV to have your work published in a collection run by Jon McGregor and alongside notable authors like Naomi Alderman. There are prizes available for lucky submissions.

Applications for Volume 5 are open and require you to send a letter.

Nottingham New Theatre

If you’re interested in performative writing, the Nottingham New Theatre is ideal. It is the only student-run theatre in the UK. You can gain a wide range of experience, such as writing, directing, producing and acting. It is a great way to showcase your writing by seeing it transformed from the page to the stage. The experience of producing a play will also look excellent on a CV as it shows determination, creativity, and organisational skills.

You can apply at any time through their website.

Any of these opportunities will significantly boost your CV if you’re interested in a creative career. They’re also a fantastic way to have fun and get in touch with your artistic side.

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