November 8, 2013, by Jemma Utley

Careers Roadshow 2013: Our ambitious road trip

By, Toby Cope and Jemma Utley, members of the Careers Roadshow team

The Careers Roadshow started last week with one objective, to raise awareness of how we can help you discover and achieve your ambitions.  This could mean helping you on the path to your dream job, work experience or deciding on what you want to do next. We were ready to discuss it with a smile and a cup of hot chocolate made with care (we even did a tasting session for the optimum chocolate mix to water ratio!).

We gave out over 650 hot chocolates (minus a few for ourselves), and spoke to over 1200 of you under our pink gazebo! Did you come and see us? Let us know what you thought by tweeting to #UoNambition! Loads of you tweeted your ambitions and we had lots of useful tips from employers, alumni and University staff. It was great to see so many different ambitions and it was really hard for us to choose our favourite each day but we managed it and they each won a £10 Sainsbury’s voucher. We also got sent this lovely thank you Tweet from one of our winners.

We’re going to follow up all of your #UoNambitions with links to resources and events that you should attend so help is on its way. Remember, you can always book an appointment and talk to one of our experts.

Here are some of the week’s highlights!

Monday at Sutton Bonington

We overcame storm St Jude, which was admittedly only a strong breeze and drizzle for us, but we still count it as an achievement. We were warmed up by occasional dashes to the vet school’s café and chuckling at Gemma’s (Employability Officer at Sutton Bonington) ambition to be a spice girl!

Monday’s #UoNambition of the day:

Our top tip: A good route into speech writing is to be a politician’s assistant.

Tuesday at Hallward Library, University Park

Things got a little out of hand on the Tuesday.  Jemma was so busy Tweeting to #UoNambition that she walked into the transport information sign outside Hallward and still has a bump on her head! We made a new friend that Toby decided shouldn’t be left out of proceedings so he gave it a few career tips, to which it responded: ‘Coo.’

Tuesday’s #UoNambition of the day

Our top tip: Follow @RCPSYCH (Royal College of Psychiatrists) on Twitter for  insights into psychiatry and check out their website for more information on the long journey you’re going to have to take. Good luck!

Wednesday at Portland Building, University Park

We were filmed! If you didn’t manage to come and see us, have a watch of this Campus Cam video which sums up the intentions of the week and explains how we can help you all-year round:

Wednesday’s #UoNambition of the day

Our top tip: If you need any help deciding on how you want to change the world then book an appointment with a careers adviser and have a look at our ‘Generating careers ideas’ page. There are also some useful tips in ‘Career planning part one- What are you going to do after university?’.

Thursday at Jubilee Campus

Despite the UCU strike being on we still spoke to over 250 of you. To be fair this could have been something to do with Nestlé bringing Kit Kats and Rowntree’s Randoms. However, you took the chance to talk to them and Games Workshop about their graduate and internship opportunities.

Thursday’s #UoNambition of the day

Our top tip: Check out our work experience page for information on internships and you could start a weightlifting society! Unfortunately Arnie hasn’t got back to us. He didn’t even favourite the Tweet…

Friday at George Green, University Park

We finally ran out of hot chocolate at 1.50pm and it rained all day but people still came to talk to us under the pink gazebo!

Friday’s #UoNambition of the day

Our top tip: Whichever level you are looking at teaching (including being a lecturer), find out more on our teaching page, and for changes to applying to be a teacher in 2014 read our recent blog post.

Our Careers Roadshow Gallery

Have a look at our photo gallery to see Toby chatting with the pigeon and to spot your friends standing awkwardly showing off their #UoNambition!

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