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Help to Grow: Show your business some love on Valentine’s Day

Business leaders should show staff they are valued this Valentine’s Day to boost business performance, is the advice from management experts. 

A healthy, happy and valued workforce is key to supercharging your business growth, explains Vincent Traynor, who specialises in leadership and engagement and helped develop the government’s new Help to Grow: Management business course, which we deliver here at Nottingham University Business School. 

He says: “Good morale in the workplace means your staff will be united in pushing your business on to higher growth. Research has shown employees find recognition for a job well done as a top motivator. You don’t always have to make a grand gesture – showing that you care in small ways can really work wonders for staff wellbeing.” 

Vincent’s top three tips for showing your staff you value them are: 

  1. Check in with colleagues and show empathy
    Vincent says: “Sometimes people can feel unsettled, especially if change is afoot, and this can hamper performance and the enjoyment they get from work. Simply asking “How’s your day going?” can demonstrate empathy, but you must listen, listen, listen to what they say.”  
  2. Learn through active listening
    Vincent says: “Ask colleagues what they want to achieve in their current role and what their ideal role would be to help achieve objectives. Actively listen to both answers and don’t interrupt. Then go away and reflect on what they have said. Insight will follow.”
  3. Tap into their interests
    Explain your business purpose to employees using words and reference points that mean something to them as individuals. You’ll find people bring far more energy and creativity to their work when they are passionate about the business and know what they do matters. 

The Help to Grow: Management course is designed to give business leaders a competitive edge when it comes to planning for growth. One of the main themes of the course is equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Ann Francke, CEO of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the UK’s leading body for professional management and leadership, said: “Forget flowers or chocolates, the best thing you can do to show your business some love this February is to invest in your management and leadership skills so that your business can grow.  

“In the process you’ll be showing the love to those you work with who will, as a result of your improved management capabilities, be more engaged, more motivated and more productive. We are proud to support Help to Grow as essential business support for the future.” 

CMI is offering free membership to participants of the Help to Grow: Management course during and for six months after the course. 

What is Help to Grow? 

Aimed at small and medium-sized business from across the UK with between 5-249 employees, Help to Grow: Management is 90% funded by government, meaning businesses pay just £750. It is run by business experts and entrepreneurs experienced in successfully growing their businesses, at the UK’s leading business schools, that have been accredited by the Small Business Charter. 

Business leaders will reflect on the impact of their leadership style on their workers and learn how to create a sustainable culture of growth and productivity that embraces difference and diversity and promotes employee wellbeing. 

To find out more about Help to Grow: Management visit helptogrow.campaign.gov.uk. 

Dr Robert Wapshott, Course Director for Help to Grow: Management at Nottingham University Business School, said: “From speaking to delegates, I have come to understand how much they value sharing and exchanging experiences with others. Having the chance to discuss live issues with like-minded peers who might have gone through something similar or are facing the same challenge is an aspect that delegates have highlighted especially.”

Our next Help to Grow: Management cohort starts on 21 March. Sign up here. 

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