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Staff-UG Cricket and sandwiches in the rain.

It is my pleasant duty to provide you with a report on the annual staff-UG student cricket match and I am pleased to be able to tell you that at least one classic English tradition is alive and well: huddling together under umbrellas eating sandwiches in the pouring rain.  Fortunately the sun shone after the …

Doing the Business 2013 – Nalini by Day, Nancy by Night & The Phantom of the Operator

The following blog summarises Professor Laurie Cohen’s introduction to a double bill of films about working on the phones: Both films, in their own ways, deal with the strictly managed regimes, the disembodiment and the identity transformations that such work involves.  Nalini by Day, Nancy by Night, produced and written by Sonali Gulati, in 2005 …

Doing the Business 2013 – Something Ventured

On Monday this week we screened the first of this years films looking at social, ethical and environmental issues in business.  The first film was Something Ventured, a film that documented the investors that financed the development of new technologies (genetics, computer hardware and software) through the mid to late twentieth Century.  The film was …

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The Business and Management Games Room at Mayfest 2013

    Colleagues from across the Business School supported the Business and Management Games Room at Mayfest this year.  The concept of the room was to use simple games to demonstrate aspects of banking, finance, marketing, management and ethics.                 At the Bank of Richard visitors were encouraged to …

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Our evening with Michael Woodford and Nuncy

This story really was extraordinary.  Over 180 staff, students and business people listened intently to Michael as he recounted how, as newly appointed president of Olympus, he discovered and began to unpick an accounting fraud approaching $2 billion. Storytelling is clearly one of Michael’s talents, and the detailed tale and colourful descriptions and anecdotes provided …

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Canned Dreams: exploring the global food supply chain

This week we conclude the film series with a tour of the international food supply chain where a can of ravioli takes an eight-country, 30,000km tour through each phases of food production: The story begins with a single mother toiling in one of the biggest open pit mines in Brazil and ends on the shelf of a grocery store in Finland. …

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The Flaw: what happens when the rich get richer?

Tonight Philip Augar will be introducing David Sington’s documentary The Flaw, the second film in our annual series at the Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.  This is the latest film to explore the credit bubble which caused the financial crisis.  David Sington moves away from the ‘greedy banker’ and ‘incompetent regulator’ arguments – to consider why the …

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Capitalism in Crisis? Can Business be a force for good?

David Logan began the academic year here at Nottingham with a talk entitled – Capitalism in Crisis? Can Business be a force for good? David, whose career in CSR and business spans 30 years, had been invited to inspire our new cohort of students. His wide ranging talk gave our new arrivals a sense of the history; …

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CSR Futures: the practitioner perspective

One of the highlights of CSR Futures was the practitioner panel, who were asked to consider the future of CSR and Sustainability, the following summarises the key points: Gerry Boyle, Head of Business Relations, Oxfam Emphasised the importance of ensuring that corporate sustainability agendas embrace social as well as environmental impacts. That there remains a …

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CSR or sustainability education – the practitioners perspective (or wearing many hats).

As a precursor to CSR Futures – the conference marking the 10th anniversary of the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility – Alumni of the MBA in CSR and MA/MSc in CSR programmes – now working in related fields, were invited to share their views on the profession with students past and present. In particular, …

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