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Don’t Mention the VIPs on Campus: Protest, Censorship, and Hierarchies of Oppression

I must admit to being particularly unimpressed by the thrust of the recent student piece on the Impact (‘The University of Nottingham’s Official Student Magazine’) website, entitled Don’t Mention the Tuition Fees: British Students Silenced at Malaysia Campus Talk. The article bemoans the fact that UK students at UNMC were not allowed to attend the …

Symbiotic politics: resisting governance/ governing resistance

The following post is a collaboration between Dr. Tessa Houghton (School of Modern Languages and Cultures, UNMC) and Dr. Leonie Ansems de Vries (School of Politics, History and International Relations, UNMC), and emerged from the ‘Globalisations: The Return of the Future or the End of History?‘ workshop run by Professor Andreas Bieler (School of Politics …