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Simon Gosling

My main interests are in understanding the impacts of climate change on natural and human systems, and bridging the boundary between physical science and impact and policy-related areas.

Much of my current research investigates the potential impact of climate change on global- and catchment-scale hydrology and water resources. I am interested in understanding how average conditions and extremes (floods and droughts) might be affected by climate change. I apply a variety of climate and hydrological numerical models to achieve this. I also have strong interests in modeling the relationship between climate and human health; specifically, on the association between extreme temperature events (heat waves and cold snaps) and temperature-related mortality.

An emerging theme of my climate change impacts research is the investigation of the possible benefits of climate change mitigation policy. This typically involves comparing numerical simulations of climate change impacts under ‘no policy’ scenarios with various ‘mitigation’ scenarios where global greenhouse gas emissions are reduced via climate change mitigation policy.

A key element throughout all my research is exploring the inherent uncertainties in climate change impact projections, due to, for instance, uncertainties associated with the current state of science on climate modelling, hydrological modelling, and health modelling. I am interested in exploring novel ways to both consider and present these uncertainties for application in policy- and decision-making processes.