November 12, 2021, by Jason Feehily

High-quality Development and Operation of Hospitals

An international seminar took place on the 16th of October 2021 with the ambition to enhance the High-quality Development and Operation of Hospitals Groups Programme globally.

Over 30 senior executive officers from leading hospitals all over China attended the seminar hosted by the China National Health Commission.

Prior to, Professor Stephen Timmon’s Lecture on Integrated Management of Hospitals within the NHS System; leading experts from across the United States, China and Italy took part in building on the development of the operation of hospitals groups programme by sharing insight in varying medical topics. This included, ‘Homogeneity of medical services and multi-campus management’, ‘High-end medical institution construction’ and ‘Exploration and practice of medical group in hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, community medical service and home care’. All sharing a wide range of necessary knowledge.

After an insightful day, Prof. Stephen Timmons added to the abundance of knowledge by providing information on the benefits of Integrated Management of Hospitals within the NHS system. The focus being on the quality of management and administration of trusts in different regions, patient referral on different levels of hospitals in different areas and how leading hospitals under the same Trust support the other member hospital’s service performance showcased the efficiency of the NHS.

Professor Timmons remarked “it is a great opportunity to share the hospital management experience of the UK and connect with senior healthcare management professionals in China. CHILL at University of Nottingham Business School is the industry leader on Healthcare executive training and strives to work more with China on the mutual healthcare management challenge.”

With over 20 years of experience as a leader in health research and education, the Nottingham University Business School and Professor Timmons were able to create an engaging opportunity for others to learn and expand their expertise on this topic. By using professional case studies Prof. Timmons was able to explain the British NHS system’s approach on service quality, operational efficiency, and personnel training management of different hospital trusts (consortium).

Roberta Lack

(Second Year BA Politics and International Relations Student).

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