October 11, 2020, by Jason Feehily

Nursing collaboration in West China

Facilitated by ABC, Emeritus Professor Carol Hall (School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) was invited by the Health Team of British Department of International Trade (DIT) in China, to present at the prestigious Forum on Nursing Discipline Development hosted by West China School of Nursing, Sichuan University on 25 September 2020. Alongside eminent speakers from the Royal College of Nursing and the University of Hull, Professor Hall gave a presentation on “ Enhancing Nursing Care through Education and Research”,  which showcased UoN’s specialist expertise in Nursing education and research provision, as well as sharing the long term engagement with China through the Nottingham Health China Initiative. The virtual presentation attracted an audience of over 5,100 online participants from all over the China and will lead to further research and knowledge exchange engagement for Health Prosperity Fund 2021 and the Sino-UK Health Dialogue.

Under the Nottingham Health China Initiative, the University of Nottingham Medical School has already built some important partnerships with some of the very top medical schools in China. Huaxi (West China) Medical School is one of them. The school has been ranked one of the top three medical schools in China and also hosts the National Evidence Based Research Centre.

This conference is a key platform to maintain the relationship between the School of Health Sciences and the Healthcare Team of  the British Embassy in West China region.

This Forum and conference is specifically arranged by the Healthcare Prosperity Fund Team of the British Embassy, which coordinates UK government funding for working with China to develop primary care and healthy ageing collaboration. Sichuan Province has already been identified as the priority region for the Health Prosperity Fund Project 2020-2021. Through attending the forum, the School of Health Sciences has been placed in a very strong position which will enable a series of collaborations and funding support opportunities.  The forum was an  exclusive event with only three invited prestigious UK speakers. West China Medical School hosts the best School of Nursing within South West China, and has had an established relationship with UoN School of Health Sciences since 2017.


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