June 12, 2024, by Arts Placements

An Unforgettable Experience at Sinfonia Viva

By Ken Zheng

How it all started?

This all started with the Placement Module from my second-year course. In this module, I learned a lot about different industries and how to improve my communication, time management, and other important skills. These would increase my chances of getting employed by companies I wanted to work for. This module offers work experience with different companies in various industries. It gives students a range of choices and allows them to pick the one they are most interested in. This is how I met Sinfonia Viva.

Who is Sinfonia Viva?

Sinfonia Viva is a charity-based orchestral organization, primarily performing in Derby and Nottingham.  They have many skilful international musicians who help with meaningful projects for the next generation and elderly people. As the quote I greatly admire by Thomas Carlyle says, “Music is well said to be the speech of angels.”  I am proud to be part of this organization through my work experience.

What it’s like work with Sinfonia Viva?

To be honest, I was very nervous at the beginning. However, my host gave me a very warm welcome. He showed me around the office, introduced me to the team, and then took me to my seat and assigned tasks for me to do. Throughout my work experience, I helped tidy up music scores and print them out for the musicians, set up stages for performances, changed PowerPoint slides for the audience to follow the lyrics and sing along, assisted pianists by turning score pages during performances, and many more interesting tasks.

Most of the work seemed easy, but sometimes it’s not about the job you are doing; it’s about how your job can affect the entire project. By participating in these projects, I developed strong communication and problem-solving skills, as well as many other useful abilities. Using these skills, I had lovely conversations with many musicians and conductors from different projects throughout my work experience, and I believe this experience will help me in the future.

Final thought

This has been an incredible and very important work experience for me. I would like to give a massive thanks to Sinfonia Viva and the Art Placement team for giving me the opportunity to have this experience. To summarize my work experience with Sinfonia Viva, I would love to say that I enjoyed working with the team on different projects and learning more about the behind-the-scenes activities. In the end, I would like to say that maybe in the future I can be part of the Sinfonia Viva team.

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