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Britain in the EU: Research and Technology, Aerospace and the Supply Chain

So, this is it. We know that Britain will be voting on staying or leaving the EU on the 23rd June this year. The debate has rapidly ramped up this weekend as a consequence of this date being set. However, to date the debate seems to have focused primarily on the incidental – for example on which politician was going to join …

There will be no need for pilots in 40 years from now: The RAeS 150th Anniversary debate, 12 Jan 2016

Tuesday 12th January 2016 marked the beginning of the celebrations in honour of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s (RAeS) 150th Anniversary. The festivities started in style, with a lively dinner and debate held at RAeS HQ at 4 Hamilton Place in London Mayfair. The motion for the evening was ’there will be no need for pilots in 40 years …

2015: The Year of the IAT

    January 2015 started with a boom for Aerospace at Nottingham –the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) sent the conditional offer letter for funding to establish a 2-Shaft Test Facility on the eve of the Christmas holidays. On 1st April 2015 the project kicked off. The new facility to host the test cells is currently shaping …

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Business Minister Anna Soubry visits the IAT

    We were delighted to host the Business Minister Anna Soubry this morning at the The University of Nottingham Institute for Aerospace Technology (IAT). We were able to showcase the benefits of our aerospace collaborations with industry, and of capital investment in research infrastructure, in the delivery the Aerospace Technology Institute Strategy for the …

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IAT Technology and Innovation Showcase 2015: The Storify of the Day

  The Storify of the 2015 Event:

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IAT Technology and Innovation Showcase 2015: Director’s Speech

Note: This event took place on 5th November 2015. I am not going to make the cliché of a joke that I am effectively the last man standing between you and your lunch; for a Frenchman it is already too late! But then again I am also the second Frenchman in a row addressing a …

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AeroDays 2015, London, UK

AeroDays 2015 ended on a high at the weekend. It was a fitting testament to the buoyancy of the aerospace sector in Europe and the rest of the world, with a good international presence visible; but also and in particular excellent representation from UK organisations. The ADS Group and the ATI should be congratulated for …

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The IAT: Enabling Aerospace Research and Innovation for the Aerospace Sector in the UK

The global aerospace market is buoyant, to say the least. Over the next 20 years, the original equipment market is forecast to exceed $5trn globally, with services exceeding over $2trn. It is predicted that by 2033, 57,000 new fixed wing aircraft and 40,000 new helicopters will be required. The UK is at the forefront of …

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Helping Creativity and Developing New Ideas and Perspectives in Support of Innovation

I heard recently that ‘innovation was often the result of the work of one or two men on their own’ -or something to that effect. There is no doubt that great individuals can have great ideas and deliver great innovations. Take Frank Whittle and the jet engine in my own area of research, aeroengine propulsion, …

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TEDx – Inspiring People: Aerospace Research with Impact

I was recently invited to give a talk at a University of Nottingham TEDx event. It was a great honour but also a great pleasure to deliver such a talk on my experience of leading the development and coordination of a multidisciplinary research agenda within the field of aerospace and in support of its industry… …

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