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Supporting Safe and Efficient Airport Operations with Human-Centred System Design By Dr Elizabeth Argyle

Dr Elizabeth Argyle is a Research Fellow with the Institute for Aerospace Technology (IAT) and is a member of the Human Factors Research Group (HFRG) at the University of Nottingham.  Her recent work on this topic is discussed in more detail in an article in Cognition, Technology & Work, and she can be reached by …

Victor Thierry – The need for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for composite structures

About Victor Thierry I joined the University of Nottingham’s Institute for Aerospace Technology in 2016 as part of the Marie Sklodowska Curie PhD programme ‘INNOVATIVE’ to undertake a PhD, the title of which is: The application of advanced and integrated health monitoring systems to complex, composite systems for aerospace for enhanced life cycle and operational capability. …

Dr Elizabeth Argyle – First time speaker at the INFORMS Annual Meeting 2017

A little about me I’m Dr Elizabeth Argyle, Research Fellow in the Institute for Aerospace Technology University of Nottingham.  Last October I had the opportunity to take my groups work on the road and travel to Houston, Texas in the United States to speak at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Institute for Operations Research …

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Prof Herve Morvan from the 2017 AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum

Prof Herve Morvan offers his insights and discusses some of the broader ideas raised by key players at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Propulsion and Energy Conference in Atlanta, USA held 10th to 12th July 2017. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics hosted the Propulsion and Energy Forum  and it turned out to …

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Brexit and UK Aviation

Professor Herve Morvan, Director for the Institute of Aerospace Technology (IAT), discusses the concerns surrounding Brexit and suggests how the aerospace industry can navigate the way ahead by maximising opportunities in Asia and participating in key programs and networks to shape the debate and direction of travel to benefit the UK. Lord Ahmad, the Aviation …

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Industry Insight: AGP Technology Showcase

This week (February 25th-26th) the Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP) held its first ever Technology Showcase – “a unique event to articulate the plan to grow both the UK economy, and the UK share of the global aerospace market through investment in technology” ( The University of Nottingham’s Institute for Aerospace Technology (IAT) was well represented …

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Industry Insight: UK Government Backs Winning Industry

Newspaper headlines have long sounded the death-knell of British manufacturing. Nevertheless, recent government announcements are testimony to how wide of the mark these headlines have been. The aerospace industry of the United Kingdom is the second- or third-largest national aerospace industry in the world, depending upon the method of measurement. The industry employs around 113,000 people directly …

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