September 27, 2013, by Michael Jennings

Update – 27 September

Deans and Directors meeting

The Vice-Chancellor welcomed deans and directors to their first joint meeting with the University Executive Board (UEB). Deans and directors will continue to meet with UEB throughout the academic year. There are plans for deans and directors to attend part of the next UEB away day, due to be held at the end of October.

Collaboration with the University of Birmingham

Deans and Directors were asked to give updates on joint working with the University of Birmingham, and UEB heard some examples of very successful collaboration. A joint Nottingham-Birmingham executive meeting is to be held in late October in Nottingham.

University Risk Register

A significant amount of work has been done on the University Risk Register in recent months, to make it more cohesive, and help the University to understand the risks associated with all areas of activity. UEB accepted the updated Risk Register and the revised Risk Management Policy.

Student Life Cycle

UEB was given an update on the Student Life Cycle (SLC) project. Phase two of the project has now been successfully completed, and colleagues are preparing to move into the next stage. Professor Karen Cox, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, is the sponsor of this work, and a steering group has been formed to take the project forward. UEB consideration of the substantial and detailed outputs of SLC 2 at the end of September will be followed by the start of preparations for the next phase of what will be a major transformation project for the University.

National Student Survey

Members of UEB heard an update on the results of the National Student Survey (NSS) 2013. The University maintained its performance this year against a background of higher scores at other institutions, leading to a decline in Nottingham’s ranking overall. While a great deal of work has been done on NSS across schools, it was recognised that there was a need for a step change in this area and NSS will be a priority for activity.

John Robinson 1960–2013

A close friend and supporter of The University of Nottingham, John Robinson, has died at the age of 53. An alumnus, honorary graduate and a major benefactor of the University, Mr Robinson enjoyed a long relationship with Nottingham after graduating in 1981 with a degree in Medieval and Modern History.

Following a very successful career in fund management and property development, he supported a range of charitable causes and arts organisations, and also took an active interest in his alma mater.

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