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October 20, 2016, by Sally Hanford

Dr Katherine Martin – recording video tutorials

In this post, we talk with Katherine Martin, Assistant Professor in the Business School, about her use of recorded video tutorials.

Katherine says “Last year, I became module convenor of a first year financial accounting module with a large cohort of over 500 students.

A key skill for the module is for students to be able to put together a set of simple financial statements, a process involving several steps. I found that some students became anxious when they were faced with a whole question, whereas they were able to perform each of the individual steps correctly. Some of these students would visit my office hours and coaching them through the problem step by step really helped their understanding.

So, I considered how I could best reach the other students who did not come to see me. With such a large cohort, it would be impractical for me to see all of the students in office hours so I decided to provide a window into these face to face sessions by making recordings. The recordings show me walking through a question, breaking the problem down into small chunks, writing out my workings and talking the students through the process. The result aims to provide students with a similar experience as if they were sitting with me.

It took around an hour to create all the recording and each recording was watched between sixty and eighty times. I think that recording short tutorials like these can be used to really help student understanding, particularly for learning how apply their knowledge to solving a problem. A big advantage for the students is that they can watch the recording anytime, anywhere, pausing or reviewing so that they can move at their own pace.”

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