The Fundamentals training course – Louisa Buonocore

I received a basic introduction to MyNottingham (the name of the Campus Solutions portal) in my previous role, over a year ago, in the School of Pharmacy. We had been asked at the time to take some Moodle-based training relating to logging and answering enquiries. I was then left to deal with enquiries using the …

Building the training – Christina Harrison

When people pay me a compliment I’m always a little suspicious, so when my manager referred to my experience and strong relationships within the team I had an inkling that what came next would be less pleasant…. Some months on, I am officially running the new system training for Admissions staff alongside my lovely colleague …

Reflecting on the Fundamentals training – Sarah Matthews

Reporting in after my second training session on Campus Solutions… How it felt… At the beginning, I felt there was a little more trepidation in the room than the last session. Alistair, our trainer, expected us to have remembered what he taught us last time and he has a habit of re-phrasing your questions and …

How Campus Solutions will change my role – Laura Dovey

I joined Admissions at the University of Nottingham as an Admissions Officer in September 2016, having previously worked in Admissions in a much smaller university. Here at UoN I am based within the Postgraduate team in the Faculty of Science as Decision Maker for UK Direct Science. My previous experience in Admissions was mainly working …

Say hello to Louisa – Direct Admissions Decision Maker

In the next in our series of blogs from Admissions colleagues, Louisa Buonocore writes about her role and her hopes for the new system. Louisa is a Decision Maker for UK Direct Admissions to Science.

Meet Leanne – Direct Admissions Decision Maker

In this blog, Leanne Williamson, Decision Maker for UK Direct Science Admissions, writes about her experience with Admissions systems and the preparation for the go-live in October.

Gaokao and Direct Admissions in China

In China, we’re implementing Campus Solutions and MyNottingham in stages throughout summer. We started at the end of April with the launch of the student records module of the system. In July, we’ve now launched the next elements of the system – the Gaokao interface and Online Application and Admission (OAA) module. Gaokao Gaokao is …

Hello from Alexandra in Postgraduate Social Sciences

In this post, Alexandra James, Decision Maker in the Postgraduate Social Sciences team, writes about her role and the impact Campus Solutions will have on her.

Catch up with Chloe – Direct Admissions

In the next in our series of blogs from the Admissions team, we catch up with Chloe Brereton. We spoke to Chloe in 2015 when she started using Campus Solutions for UCAS Admissions. Two years later, she is now working with Direct Admissions and preparing for another go-live with Campus Solutions. Here she writes about her …

Hello from the Teacher Training (UTT) team

The next major go-live for Project Transform in the UK, is the launch of Campus Solutions for Teacher Training (UTT) applications. Below, the UTT team give us some insight into how’re they feeling about the new system and how the go-live will affect their job.