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诺丁汉传奇: 多少次听过他的名字,今天终于知道他的故事


罗宾汉(Robin Hood)是英国民间传说中的英雄人物,人称汉丁顿伯爵。

Robin Hood is a hero in English folklore, known as the Earl of Hendington.

他武艺出众、机智勇敢,仇视官吏和教士,以舍伍德森林(Sherwood Forest)为大本营,联合小约翰、温里奥等人,劫富济贫,整治暴戾的诺曼贵族、官吏,并把得来的钱财用于救助贫苦百姓,他的身上体现了中世纪英国人民反抗封建压迫的精神。

He is martial arts, resourceful and courageous, hostile to officials and priests. Sherwood Forest with Sherwood Forest as the base camp, the United Little John, Wenlio and others, the rich and poor, the treatment of violent Norman aristocrats, officials. And used the money to help the poor, he embodied the medieval spirit of the British resistance to feudal oppression.


The green-forest hero, who robbed the rich and helped the poor and chivalrous, has a reputation in English legends, like the 100 Singles of the Chinese Water margin, which has been around since the middle of 12th century. The legend of Robin Hood began to circulate among the people. But because his story was not historical, there were many versions of his legend.


Robin Hood’s story takes place in Nottingham, England. Nottingham is a legendary city. Nottingham is also one of Britain’s oldest cities, AD 6th century. Anglo-Saxons settled here in the 9th century and was invaded by foreigners in the 11th century, ruled by the Normans. About 700 years ago, in the extensive Sherwood Forest north of Nottingham. A group of green men, led by Robin Hood, rose up against the oppression of the Normans.

诺丁汉好像所有景点都是围绕着罗宾汉这个传奇人物开设的。最令人信服的说法是罗宾汉生于12世纪60年代,其活动主要集中在理查德一世 (1189~1199年在位) 至约翰王 (1199~1216年在位) 期间。当时,有多许触犯了严厉法律的逃犯匿藏在森林中。可以想象,在那里拉起一支勇敢忠义的队伍是不难的。据说罗宾汉死于1247年11月18日。就在弥留之际他还射出一支箭,人们便在箭所射中的地方埋葬了这位好汉。

It was like all the attractions were opened around Robin Hood’s legend. The most convincing argument was that Robin Hood was born in the 1960s, and his activities focused mainly in Richard I (1189 – 1199.32) to King John (in the reign of 1199.1216). At that time, there were a number of escaped prisoners who had offended the law. It was said Robin Hood died on Nov 18, 1247. As he left an arrow at the time of the mass, he buried the good man in the spot where the arrow was shot.

除了森林,还有历史、传说与艺术的世界,诺丁汉城堡(Nottingham Castle)。1068年,威廉王下令在此地修筑城堡。据说在挖掘护志河时遇到了砂岩岩层,工程十分艰巨。到了13世纪初叶,约翰王拟定了重建城堡的计划。工程的总指挥便是诺丁汉郡长菲利普·马克。据说他是一个残酷的统治者,因而成为罗宾汉的仇敌。当时,这座城堡也就成了政治、财政、军队的中心。

In addition to the forest, there is the world of history, legends and art, Nottingham Castleau, Nottingham Castle, 1068. King William ordered the building of a castle here. It was said that he had encountered sandstone rock formations while digging the river Huizhi. The project was very difficult. By the beginning of 13th century. King John worked out a plan to rebuild the castle. The director of the project was Philip Mark, the governor of Nottingham. He was said to be a cruel ruler and thus an enemy of Robin Hood. The castle became the center of politics, finance, and the army.


After 17th century, count Castell bought the castle and built a residence on the Rock Hill. In 1875, it was renovated again and opened as the largest museum in the area. To this day, the castle is filled with verdant gardens, and it comes to the Castle Museum, which has a rich and interesting collection of exhibits. In addition, the castle gate was built in 1255 and has been renovated in this century. The interior became Robin Hood’s showroom.

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