May 8, 2017, by Katherine Beers

Top tips for maximising your library time during exams (by a librarian)

So, exams are on the horizon. You need to get started on revision, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. From the myriad distractions of Halls, to the lure of daytime telly and all those little jobs that suddenly ‘need’ doing, getting your head into the books can seem daunting. Sound familiar? It’s time to hit the library…

Our libraries offer a range of study zones, from silent individual spaces through to group study rooms and even collaborative spaces if you’re looking for more of a lively buzz. It can be difficult to find your ideal spot around exam and revision times so we also offer other spaces across all campuses under the Study Anywhere banner, which includes details of study spaces in Halls as well as rooms we have booked around campus for you to use.

There are some services we offer in libraries to try and make this stressful time more manageable:

  • Text Noise/Help service is available at GML, Hallward, DLRC and Business Library – lookout for the posters with numbers to text, and our staff will come and shush as required.
  • Clear desk policy – library staff help to keep study spaces available that may have been abandoned for long periods of time. No hogging of premium spaces at busy times!

You may also want to read our top five tips for maximising your time in the library:

  1. Come prepared – University card – check; paper, pens, post-its, highlighters – check; water bottle and snacks – check – the more prepared you are the more you’ll achieve.
  2. Check from home –use NUsearch to check what’s in stock from home – you can see what’s available on the shelves, where to find it, and also find lots of e-books and journals that you could download or email a link to yourself.
  3. Plan ahead – where are you going to study, do you want to sit near to the books you use, like a seat with a view? Why not book a room if there is a few of you studying together? The room booking link is available on NUsearch and we have a helpful video if you aren’t sure what to do.
  4. Have an aim – what’s your purpose? What do you want to achieve while you are in the library? Be realistic and use NUsearch to help. We’ve also got a whole range of Palgrave Study Skills Books.
  5. Look after yourself – the temptation to pull an all-nighter can be strong when libraries are open 24/7, but sleep is important too. Take regular breaks and drink plenty – water coolers are available in all libraries. Also, lookout for the Students’ Union Little Pick Me Ups around exam time, in the form of golden envelopes hidden around our libraries.

And don’t forget the lovely library staff with the green lanyards, who are around for a chat and to help you find what you are looking for.

You can also contact the library helpline by email or on 0115 95 16393 and keep up to date with all things Libraries via our Twitter account.

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