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February 5, 2019, by Chris Finch

Finance System upgrade *update*

An upgrade to the University finance system, Agresso, is now well underway as part of the Digital Futures programme.

IS are working with Finance to deliver an upgrade to our Finance System (currently called Agresso). The project, sponsored by Sally Blackamore and managed by Gayle Cooper, commenced September 2018 and falls under the ‘Digital Futures’ programme of work.

We will be leap-frogging a number of versions ahead. The newer version comes with a change of name and is now known as ‘Business World’. The upgrade project will deliver some much needed improvements to usability and process; a cleaner and more modern look and feel, as well as much improved web based functionality through a single sign on.

As we consolidate into ‘Business World’, the project will also make changes to some working processes with the aim of improving efficiency and ease of use.

The upgrade is on track to go-live in May 2019. There will be a period of enforced ‘Agresso’ downtime commencing on 15th May 2019 until 20th May 2019 (subject to approval), when the upgraded ‘Business World’ version of the system will become available. The downtime will impact systems that interact with Agresso. We have identified key users and will send further details and instructions in due course for teams to make adequate plans and arrangements during the outage In the meantime, we advise that users and system product managers take note of this scheduled downtime and plan work and projects accordingly.

We will post further updates here later in the year.

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