December 2, 2019, by International students

Our scholarship experience — Research Scholarships

In this blog post, students  talk about their experiences of studying at the University of Nottingham, and receiving Research Scholarships

Chinwendu from Nigeria

Chinwendu from Nigeria — Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for Research Excellence

“The University of Nottingham scholarship award offered me an invaluable opportunity to study in a world-class university and also a great chance to get more international academic experience that will help build my career as an animal scientist.”

Ashley from Zambia — Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for Research Excellence

“Being female and coming from Zambia, a developing country with a male-dominated science industry, it is not enough to just be educated. Getting an education from one of the world’s best universities is of utmost importance.”

Asadullah from Pakistan — Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for Research Excellence

Asadullah from Pakistan

“Growing up in a rural area and having this urge to bring the change in the educational landscape of Pakistan, I always dreamt of studying in the UK. After completing a Masters in Pakistan with distinction, I started looking for admission in the UK. I got multiple admission offers but I chose the School of Education, University of Nottingham, because it is one of the finest research-oriented Schools in the field of education. Besides, the offer of the Vice Chancellor’s International Research Excellence Award made my dream come true. It has provided me with the opportunity to enhance my research skills and theoretical knowledge, as well as gain excellent life experience at one of the most diverse institutes in the world.”

Ojasvi from India

Ojasvi from India — Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship for Research Excellence

“I want to take a moment and say a sincere thanks to the University for the financial support provided to me through the Vice Chancellors Scholarship for Research Excellence. It is a matter of honour and pride that I have become a part of this University and it makes me work harder every day. This award made my belief even stronger that science is meant for mankind and one can strengthen science with dignity.”

Ahmed from Egypt — Faculty of Engineering Research Excellence Scholarship

Ahmed from Egypt

“The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel when you achieve it.

I am very grateful to the University of Nottingham for giving me this opportunity. The city is very friendly and lively. I have started Working on my research project. I am looking forward to achieving my expected goals, and to turn my dreams into solid facts.”

Muhammed from Pakistan — Faculty of Engineering Research Excellence Scholarship

Muhammed from Pakistan

“Being awarded with one of most prestigious scholarships at the University of Nottingham is one of the greatest achievements I ever had in my entire life.  Based on my interests, the University of Nottingham offers the best-funded research for a PhD program. The interdisciplinary nature at the University of Nottingham stems from the diverse backgrounds of its researchers, the faculty and its students. In turn, this enables the program to span the spectrum of cutting-edge applied and theoretical research. This PhD program will improve my problem-solving skills and guide me towards my goal in research – to apply advanced methods contributing towards the construction and development of Pakistan. Further, I would have greater exposure to other cultures, as well as gaining knowledge of advanced practices to value-add myself to be a more holistic civil engineer.”

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