March 26, 2020, by Lexi Earl

Coronavirus and the food system: a reading list

Growing and gardening while in isolation, by Mark Diacono (Facebook/Telegraph)

The UK’s food supply and a call for rational rationing, by Prof Tim Lang (The Conversation)

Interview with Tim Lang, by Jay Rayner (The Observer)

Stocking up and the supply chain, by Judith Evans and Jonathan Eley (FT)

The need for additional labour on farms in the upcoming months, by Fiona Harvey (The Guardian) and Farmers fear they won’t find enough workers to pick produce, by Steven Morris and Lisa O’Carroll (The Guardian)

New legislation to support food supply chains, by Katy Askew (

DEFRA responds to calls for food rationing (Defra Press Office)

What you can do to support the fishing industry in the next few months (SustainWeb)

Ethics in the food response to COVID-19 (Food Ethics Council)

Food access and the wider food system, by Lawrence Haddad, Jess Fanzo, Steve Godfrey, Corinna Hawkes, Saul Morris and Lynnette Neufeld (GAIN – Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition)

A guide to storing leftovers by The Food Standards Agency

Countries hoarding food supplies (Bloomberg)

Suppliers of London restaurants having to approach their business differently by James Hansen (Eater)

Consequences of Covid-19 on the food system, using Mexico as a focus (FoodTank)

How to clean your groceries, by Sarah Young (Independent)

Land available for allotment use has declined 65% since the 1960s (Institute for Sustainable Food, Sheffield)

Millions will need food aid soon, by Felicity Lawrence (The Guardian)

Chef Jose Andres and his World Central Kitchen respond to the pandemic (TIME)

Worried about gaps in supermarket shelves? You needn’t be, by Manoj Dora (The Conversation)

Shopping trends during March (Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board)

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