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Studying on two campuses? Don’t fret!

Depending on your course subject, you might have lectures on some of the other campuses apart from University Park. I study Environmental Science and my lectures are split between University Park and Sutton Bonington Campuses. Coming in as a first year this can make choosing where to live difficult. Of course there are benefits to …

Making it to Nottingham (International Students)

You’ve got the grades, you’ve got your visa and your bags packed, what’s next? Why getting yourself to Nottingham of course! Preparing for the Journey You’re excited for university life and the things you want to bring along but remember: pack only what you need! You don’t want to be struggling with your suitcases along your journey. …

Everything you need to know about….packing for uni

Whether you’re coming to Nottingham by car, bus, train, plane or ALL OF THEM COMBINED, you’re probably wondering how you’ll fit all of your precious belongings in your bags and get them safely to your new room. Fear not. We’ve got years of advice for you from students who’ve been there and done that many times. …

Places to Visit When You’re Studying in the UK

Before coming to the UK for university, I had previously never set foot in this country or anywhere else in Europe. Hence, it was all new to me and I was very keen to explore. While I am not the most well-travelled person out there, I have managed to sneak in a few Euro holidays …

Welcome international students!

New students from all over the world have been arriving in Nottingham this week. Here’s a quick welcome for them from some of our current students.

Getting around Nottingham

Nottingham has one of the best transport networks in the country. It could not be easier to get around at an affordable price. There are different modes of transport that you can use to get you where you want to go. Buses There are numerous bus services that run around both University Park Campus and …

Vlog – International #JourneyToUon

Michelle has some advice for International students travelling to Nottingham. You can also take a peek in her hand luggage!

Vlog – living out

Charlotte has some advice for anyone living off campus this year. Make sure you join the official Students’ Union Facebook Group for Living Out.  

Vlog – packing tips for International students

Student vlogger Michelle has some advice for International students coming to Nottingham this month.

Nottingham nightlife

When you get to university the nightlife is truly in another league to what you are used to at home. Or you might not have gone out much at home, in which case, you are in for a treat. Nottingham is well known for its huge variety of clubs and genres of music. But there …