September 13, 2018, by Grace S

University: A Fresh Start for Everyone

In the lead up to welcome week, there is a lot of information being thrown about and it can all seem a little daunting. University is a new start, and when better to try something new? University of Nottingham has over 200 societies and over 70 sports that are open to anyone to try and the beginning of term is designed for you to be able to try as many as you want to! It ranges from the typical course societies (a great way to meet people studying your course) to Hide and Soc (a society for playing hide and seek) and sports ranging from football to quidditch! Welcome fair is the best opportunity to see everything that’s going on and talk to other students that take part in those activities.

Top Tips for making the most of Welcome Fair:

  • Walk round the whole thing: it may be tempting to just skip to the stalls you planned to go see but there might be something that catches your eye or a particularly charismatic committee member that draws you into conversation
  • Attend as many tester sessions as you can (and before you buy membership): Nothing is worse than paying to join a club and then not enjoying yourself. Try it first!
  • Don’t be scared to engage with stalls: it is all fellow students and I promise you committees are not that scary. All the people on the stalls are there to talk to you and are enjoying themselves
  • Take all the free stuff: You’re a student now, don’t say no to free things! On a more serious note they do tend to have important information on too, as well as being free
  • Join interest lists: Clubs are not likely to try and pressure you into joining straight away but to find out more information they will send everything through to your university email about tasters and how to buy your membership

On top of all these societies and sports there are also opportunities like:

  • Year/Semester Abroad: Most degrees have their own schemes to be able to send students off to exotic locals. I personally have not taken advantage of these but have been on a field trip to the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus (which is a very popular destination of year abroad travellers) and had a blast! It is a beautiful campus and so friendly, I slightly regret my decision to not stay there longer. 
  • Year in Industry: A great idea to try your prospective career and gain some experience through your degree – a lot of people end up working for their industrial placement company
  • Student Led Media Outlets: Nottingham has its own radio, tv station and magazine all run by students for students!

  • Volunteering Opportunities: Whether it is for a CV booster or a way to occupy your free time there is a multitude of volunteering opportunities including my pet project, volunteering with Riding for the Disabled (shameless plug, and not the last one either)

University life isn’t all about your course, and one of the main things I regret is not finding my sporting passion (Women’s Non-Contact American Football, thank you for asking … shameless plug) in first year! So give it a try, you never know what you might find.

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