September 13, 2018, by Laura

The truth about studying at Nottingham with a mental health condition

With all the excitement of results day over and your place confirmed, you may be worrying about what studying at the University of Nottingham is really like. Especially if, like me, you suffer from a mental health condition. So I’ve prepared this blog listing some of the wonderful support services – many of which have been tried and tested by yours truly – available to you now you’re officially a UoN student!

1. Cripps Health Centre

Not to be Captain Obvious but one super important support service that people always seem to forget about is the University of Nottingham Health Service (a.k.a Cripps). The doctors are lovely and will be able to look at treatment options with you, and even refer you to specialist services if necessary. For more info about mental health services offered by Cripps Health Centre, or to see their snazzy new building, check out their website.

2. The University Counselling Service

Another support service that I have personally found super helpful is the University counselling service. The counsellors are really easy to talk to and offer all UoN students free, confidential support. They do this through 1:1 sessions, group therapy and workshops which include building resilience and managing procrastination – which should probably be mandatory for every student! Counselling is also great because you don’t have to be refereed to use it (meaning you don’t have sit in Cripps surrounded by people suffering from freshers flu!) For more info about the service and to see what other fab workshops they offer you can visit the University Counselling Service page.

Bonus: The Orchards (where Counselling is based) is very close to the Millennium Garden and the beasts of UoN who live there!


3. Nottingham Nightline 

Another amazing support service for students who’ve had a bit of a bad mental health day is Nightline. It is an anonymous listening and information service run by students for students. During term time Nightline is open every night from 7pm to 8am, and 24 hours during exam periods and Welcome Week. You can contact them via phone, IM, Skype, text, or email (which is great if you’re like me and absolutely hate speaking on the phone). For more info about this incredible service you can visit their website.

4. Disability Support

Disability Support may sound a bit big and scary but it’s definitely not! The Disability Support team is made up of super friendly disability advisers who offer support and advice. They do pretty much everything from arranging exam adjustments to helping with applying for Disabled Students Allowance and even offering discounted gym memberships. (Or if you’re super lucky, like me, even treating you to knitted Happy Peas!) For more info about how Disability Support can help, or to arrange an appointment, you can visit the Disability Support pages.

Knitted Happy Peas

My knitted Happy Peas! These were given to me by disability adviser, the lovely Carole, following a particularly bad mental health day.


So I hope that from this blog you can see just some of the support services that UoN has to offer its students who suffer with mental health conditions, and at Uni its ok to be not ok <3

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