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August 31, 2018, by Tom T

Your first few weeks as a postgrad student

Overwhelming is an understatement but hey, we are Postgrads! Getting through Welcome Week and the first few weeks is exciting and adventurous. Let me tell you how I did it when I landed in Nottingham from Chennai, India.

Moving in

Your accommodation, I hope, is already sorted. But now you’ll need a little help. Get onto Facebook, join the Students’ Union Facebook Groups and say hi to your new neighbours. Visit the University website to find contact details of the Managers / Resident Tutors. Speaking to them would give you loads of help when you move in.

Once you are settled in your room, keep your doors open, have some sweets, drinks, etc. to offer to people who pass by. No better way to give a hi-five and make new friends.

Be as open as you can, expect a lot of International and local students. It’s exciting to interact with so many different cultures.

Getting to know the Uni

First things first, get your ID card and finish your registration. If you are an International Student, collect your Biometric Permits. Then, it’s time to explore.

Use your maps, take a lone walk around the Uni but keep your campus map in your hand too. Use your Welcome Handbook to help you figure out where you are and what you need to do.

Start with your Department to find out who will be teaching you. Pop in and say a hello to Professors and you may even get invited for coffee and cake like I did! Then, head out to the Portland Building to where the Students’ Union is situated to see what else is happening.

Getting to know the Graduate School

The Graduate School is your one stop for anything you need support with, whether it’s finances, academics, accommodation, etc. From there, you’ll be directed to the services available throughout the University. You should be able to find student ambassadors in their bright T-shirts all over the place to guide you around and even staff to help you solve any issues you might face here.

Enjoying the social aspect of the Welcome Festival as a postgrad

The Welcome Festival is a time for you to

  • Meet new people from within and outside your course of study
  • Get your questions answered about living in Nottingham
  • Know about how students from your country / community have been doing previously
  • Explore sports and societies that you might be interested in joining
  • Getting to know about support services available
  • Munch on some great free food

My advice would be to make your first week really count, it could help you decide how the rest of your year will be and don’t hesitate to stop someone to ask questions as they’re always happy to help.

By Rajesh Ramesh
Studying MSc Electrical Engineering

Take a look at the postgraduate New Starters pages online to help you make sure you’re prepared for the start of term. 

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