September 5, 2017, by Grace S

How to cope with living away from home

University brings many changes and the first one of those is moving away from home. When I first moved into Broadgate Park it was a whirlwind of emotions with highs and lows from my very first day. You won’t be the only person worried about moving in and finding friends, so here are a few suggestions to help you tackle the things you’re probably most worried about.

Meeting your flatmates/neighbours

In any accommodation you will be grouped together with people you don’t know and may not have anything in common with. This may seem daunting but an important thing to remember is all those people will be in the same position. My advice is to take the leap and introduce yourself early to ease the tension.

Looking after yourself

For a lot of university starters, you are eighteen and have been living with and relying on your parents at home – washing, cooking and cleaning might may be things that all seem easy but remembering to do them during a busy week can be a struggle. To make this jump less unpleasant you can get some experience at home by cooking for your family to test out your skills. You can also work on a budget before you arrive so that you’re not worried about the price of food and events.

Social occasions

The biggest part of welcome week is the social aspect. This is the biggest chance to dive into university life and try so many new things. I’m someone who doesn’t drink and is not a fan of clubs, so I was nervous about coming to university and finding other people to hang out with. The Welcome events programme at University of Nottingham has something for everyone – from shopping trips to club nights. There are also trips to Planet Bounce and one of the city’s escape rooms planned for this year! It’s important to try new things, but you don’t have to do anything you feel uncomfortable with. You can find out more about the events on offer at the Students’ Union Welcome website.


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