September 4, 2017, by Grace S

Living in self-catered halls

During my first year and now my third year I chose to live in the university’s largest self-catered accommodation Broadgate Park. For me this was an easy decision as I wanted the freedom of deciding for myself when to eat and what to eat; it meant that I could take part in a lot of activities without having to worry about getting back in time for meal times. However, if you would rather not have to worry about cooking and washing up and food shopping then maybe catered is for you.

Key things to know about self-catered:

–          You are organised into flats of around 6 or 8 people: These people are the people you will share your kitchen and, if you choose not to have an ensuite, your bathrooms with. When you are allocated your room and flat there are plenty of facebook groups to talk and meet your flat before you come.

–          Your kitchen is like a social area: In each accommodation you will have social areas but these will be shared by quite a few people. This means that more often than not your kitchen turns into a social area to chat, revise and just take a break.

–          Essential equipment is provided: In your kitchen you will get a microwave, kettle, and toaster alongside all the major white goods so there is no need to bring any of this with you. You do have to bring plates, cutlery, and cooking equipment. Somehow I still managed to bring all of this stuff though! 

–          There is a shop on site: On every self catered site there is a small shop which sells all the essentials if you run out of something and need more soon. Also near every site there are supermarkets within walking distance to get your food shopping

–          There are whole hall social events: A concern I had going into such a large student ‘hall’ was that I would only get to know my flat. During welcome week there are many hall only events and also there is a Winter and Summer Ball where everyone gets together and you get to meet more people.


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