August 31, 2017, by Sophia

Keeping it Positive!

Going to university is a big change in anyone’s life from having a new routine, moving, making friends plus attending and processing all the lectures. With this in mind it is important to enter university life with a positive mindset – so here are some tips to help you keep that positive Welcome Week motivation throughout the whole of your time at UoN!

Set a routine

Welcome week is jam packed full of events allowing you to get an idea of what university is all about, make friends and settle in. From then on it’s self-led by you and can sometimes feel a bit daunting. To avoid this, get a routine going, think of what you’re going to do with your evenings and the time in between lectures. Getting into a routine will help balance your studying with your social life, making sure one doesn’t take over the other.

Stop Comparing!

It’s easy to get into the habit of comparing your work against your friends- we’re all guilty of it, including myself! Remember that everyone at uni came from different backgrounds and will be at different levels. But this is what first year is all about- what may be an easy module for some may be really hard for someone else. Do what you think is right and works for you – one person’s learning method may be completely different to the one which suits you best.

Take a break 

Whether it’s meeting up with friends or reading a book on your own, make sure you give your brain some time to rest and reflect. Reflection is a great way to get some positive motivation. If it helps, write some notes on your worries or goals which you have before uni and then look back on them later to see how far you’ve progressed – it may just be the motivation you need!

Cake anyone? I find a great way to relax is to do some baking!

These a just a few tips to help you keep that positive attitude throughout the ups and downs of uni. If you ever need to talk to anyone about any worries or concerns our Student Services and Nightline are always at hand – no matter how big or small, they are there to help you.


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