August 24, 2017, by Grace Pownall

5 things to do before you move to University

Now that the stress of results day is over and you know that you’re going to be spending the next 3 or 4 years living and studying in Nottingham, trust me when I say that the next few weeks are absolutely going to fly by. Before you know it you’ll be waving goodbye to your family and saying hello to your new life! Here are 5 things that you should do before you leave:

Buy the basics

Shopping for Uni is one of the most exciting parts of moving out- especially if you love IKEA like me!- but it’s very easy to go overboard and buy too much. Think about how much room you’ll have. Buy the essentials like bedding, crockery and cutlery. What things can you leave to buy until you get there, like stationery or text books? If you’re able, get in touch with your future flatmates to sort out who brings what- no one needs 6 potato mashers or 6 pairs of oven gloves!

Write lists

Write down everything you want to bring. Think about what is
essential, and what stuff you could leave behind to pick up next time you go home, or your parents visit. You won’t need your summer wardrobe in the first term! Having a reference list is useful when you move out at the end of the year, too.

Practice, practice, practice…

Make sure you have a few easy meals in your culinary arsenal. A diet of pizza and coffee won’t defend you against Fresher’s Flu!

Choose some mementos 

After the excitement of your first week, you’ll likely be both exhausted and exhilarated. Maybe a little homesick. Take some photos of your friends, family, or pets to decorate your new room with, so home doesn’t feel so far away. Websites like Photobox and Snapfish do prints quite cheaply.

Keep in touch

Don’t lose contact with your friends from home just because you’re scattered across the country- keep that group text alive and well. You might not talk as often and that’s OK, but keep your pals in the loop whether you’re having fun or missing home. They are your support network in the first few weeks whilst you start to find your feet at Uni. And don’t forget to call your folks once in a while!


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