September 21, 2016, by Paul H

Introduction to Agrics Society

With over 200 societies to choose from at the University of Nottingham you can find a society for pretty much anything! With so much choice available to you it’s important to get involved, whether it’s going on a Farm Walk with Agrics (which stands for agriculture by the way) or celebrating St. Davids day with the Welsh Society, camping with the Scouts and Guide’s society or making a brew with Kettle Soc, there is a society for everyone.

As a student on the Sutton Bonington campus it was easier for me to get involved with societies on my campus, so I decided to join Agrics, Animal Science, Farmers Market as well as playing rugby and giving Ultimate Frizbee a try. A year on, I am actually on the committee for Agrics a society I originally joined because my friends were going and later became a big part of what made first year so enjoyable. In fact it wasn’t until I did some research for this article that I realised quite how large the variety of societies available is, I might see some of you this year at my new favourite society Cake Society! (sorry Agrics)

As a society the Agrics, like many other societies, subsidises events for members to make them more accessible and actually offer discounted training courses as well as free farm visits, guest speakers and the best socials in Sutton Bonington (although I may be slightly bias).

As a fresher at the University of Nottingham, one of the best things you can do is try out lots of different societies, don’t commit and buy membership straight away but go to ‘try it’ sessions they run and then decide on the societies you like best. Whichever societies you choose you will be surrounded by loads of people in a similar position with a common interest, what could be better?

I would also recommend getting fully involved in your favourite societies and possibly joining the events at the end of last year and am currently organising how I can make this year amazing fun for our new and returning members. Being on a committee gives you a new outlook on how all the events put on by the societies and Student’s Union are organised and gives you control of how the society can improve over the next year.

If you would like to know more about the Agrics society you can take a look at our SU website or follow us on Twitter @SBagrics and like our Facebook page.

Written by Matt Bourne, Social Sec

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