September 20, 2016, by Paul H

Introduction to the Trampoline Club

If there is one thing that a student should do whilst at university, it’s to find a sports club or society that they really enjoy becoming a part of. It helps to unwind after the stress of a day’s lectures, looks great on your CV and gives you the opportunity to try something fun! In my third year, I joined the university Trampoline Club and can safely say that I wish I had joined sooner.

I first decided to join when I visited the freshers fair to see the various sports and societies on offer. The committee members on the trampoline stall were really friendly and welcoming and even though I had never bounced before, the sport is open to anyone, from those with years of experience to those who have never been on a trampoline before. So I decided to try out the taster sessions the following week to see whether it really would be for me, and the rest is history!

With the specially trained coaches on hand to help you perfect new techniques, it’s really easy to progress to a competition standard which definitely makes the hard work feel worthwhile. The trampoline members are also great at making everyone feel at home, which made all of the sessions and socials lots of fun. This is especially important at competitions where the strong team spirit really pushes everyone to do their best. For me, the sport is infectious and I have been hooked from the start!

From this experience, I actively encourage everyone to make the most of all the opportunities that university has to offer, whether that be with the Trampoline Club or another sport/society. It may just be the best thing you do as a student!

Find out more about Trampoline Club here or check out our Facebook group here.

Written by Emma Daffern 


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